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Boeing Now Won’t Deliver Its First 737 MAX 10 Until 2023

Boeing’s largest narrowbody will not begin arriving with customers until at least 2023. Originally anticipated to begin deliveries in 2020, this represents a three-year slip to the schedule. As well as this, its smallest narrowbody, the 737 MAX 7, which should have begun deliveries last year, will now begin arriving later in 2021. The planemaker revealed the timeline shuffle in its 10-K filing yesterday. ( More...

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ADXbear 8
Buy then who knows where our country will be, pandemic, economy etc..
stephen parsons 2
Boeing got greedy, wanted to milk the old turd beyond it's physical and econonical life, too much lipstick! The Max and it's problems are payback. Before anyone who reads this gets mad, I fly 3 varieties of the 737 now, it is / has been a gret aircraft, but it is time for a younger more modern design. I also understand what it cost to develope new, look at Bombardier, the "C" series killed a really big diverse company and forced it's sale to Airbus who is smart or lucky to have it depending on your view, it is a really capable aircraft.
Scott Campbell -3
Who wants it ?, and what passengers want to wait for it to board ?, and what pilots want to wait until it burns enough fuel to reach a prefered altitude ? / BOEING you had this plane and better in the 57. Thanks said no pilot or PX ever... the 900 is bad enough !!
Scott Campbell -2
for all the negative responses - wake up pilots already think the 900's a joke - "great beer can" sorry


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