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Air Fares to Washington DC Spike for Inauguration | Airways Magazine

Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States in what is a historic victory, and supporters are ready to attend the Inauguration. ( More...

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mbrews -1
Yeah, great. In todays health news, US public health officials have warned the big Washington pro-Biden celebrations function as superspreader events. And Uncle Joe claims his #1 job is Covid containment ??
airuphere 0
Really? What about Trumps rallies. According to Stanford caused 30000 cases and 700-1400 residual deaths. He did them repeatedly and knowingly. But, this article is speaking about inauguration, which I’m sure will have procedures in affect - or maybe be virtual who know?? If you’re referring to the dancing in the streets this weekend - you can hold back people who just got rid of their dictator.


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