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JetBlue celebrates its 20th birthday

JetBlue Airways today marked its 20th birthday, commemorating its first revenue flight between New York and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood on February 11, 2000. ( More...

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Diane Tobin 1
Always a great flight on a Jet Blue.
Charles Burnside 1
Any Chance for a non stop Flight from BWI to RSW in the near future? Charlie Donut
Jen Shulman 1
Happy Anniversary JetBlue and here’s to another terrific 20 years ☺️
Head and shoulders about the other airlines; I’ve never had a complaint in all the years I’ve flown JetBlue. Bravo!
Josie Rojas 0
Happy Anniversary JetBlue! I love love this airline! Any opportunity for a direct flight from SJU to RSW?


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