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Delta #DL5763 made an emergency landing after experiencing severe turbulence – 5 injured (video)

A Delta flight from Orange County, Calif., to Seattle made an emergency landing in Reno on Wednesday afternoon after experiencing severe turbulence. Five people on board were reportedly injured during the flight. Two passengers and one flight attendant were taken to the hospital for evaluation, according to the spokesperson A woman was seen on cellphone video holding a bandage over her head after she was covered in blood. The beverage bar was tipped over and drinks and bags are scattered all… ( More...

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Scott Campbell 1
Maybe a new engineering problem to solve, like a track along the floor to keep the cart from moving up. ?
Kobe Hunte 0
not a bad idea!
Taylor Beck -2
Remove carts all together. Just serve items like they do in 1st and business class or have people order from their seats if they want something. Use the screens in the seat or an app.


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