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1959 Cessna 172 crashes at Enumclaw WA airport

3 injured badly. Local news tonight reported it wasn't registered. I looked up the tail number (N7243T) and it is pending. Locals said the engine quit. ( More...

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joel wiley 1
Joe Boll 1
Looking at the 20+ pictures, looks like the Towbar on the sidewalk, pix # 8, did the Pilot forget to remove the towbar before the enginestart and takeoff?
The hand should never be removed from the towbar, til you stow it in baggage compartment.
Let the pilot and pax get well soon.
linbb 1
Doesn't look much like any tow bar I have ever seen use on a 172. Just my fyi and almost looks like a hammer laying next to it due to the colors of the handle.


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