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American Airlines looks to the IBM Cloud to end travel hell

American Airlines is looking to IBM to help put an end to terrible airport experiences. The airline is starting to move its online services to IBM's cloud network, beginning with its website, apps and airport kiosks, as well as a handful of internal processes. ( More...

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Dan Chiasson 3
IMHO, this has everything to do with an airline and little to do with the pax. They are somewhat giving up on their IT (most if not all airline systems are bad and very outdated) and trying to leap-frog from 1970's technology to something more current. BUT at the end of the day, there are lots of terrible apps on the cloud which in reality is just a tool and in no way an elixir. American can screw the "cloud enabled apps" development just as easily as making something that shines.
John Robinson 3
Most days I'd rather go back to my youth and fly in the back of a Herc than a major carrier these days. No amount of computer fixing will stop the moron who shoves his bare feet on the arm rest from behind, or the Flight Attendent who thinks they are the air cop. Fix those first.
Jeff Coghill 5
How about boarding pax in the rear of the aircraft first? Or how about boarding window seats first, then middle, then aisle? How about first class boarding last? How about educating pax not to rush the gates at the first call for boarding Zone 1? How about not having 5-6 flights go out from the same end of a terminal at once? How about plenty of seating for pax around gates (Chicago O'Hare Terminal D,E are the worst)? Air travel used to be fun, now it is a complete butt whip.
Dan Chiasson 8
No glory in flying. For 95% of us, it is no more than a bus at 32,000 feet. If not worse. Whenever possible, and assuming not an urgent need, I take the train for travel for anything less than 500 miles. With the ridiculous check in times etc, the difference is not nearly as great as one would think. Airports and flying are just not worth the hassle. All IMHO.
dee9bee 2
I like the idea of boarding First Class last. Beyond getting their egos massaged, they only get to see all the 'unwashed' paraded past them, along with the slim chance of a pre departure drink. The exception, a 757 or A321 where boarding is done at the L2 door. Being retired, unless I'm going pretty well east of the Rockies, I hop in the Prius and hit the gas!
terry gersdorf -2
How about chartering your own aircraft
Dan Chiasson 2
Uber Air!
Theo Barker 1
Theo Barker 1
Jesse Carroll 2
Just increase the seat pitch and more comfortable seats would work! Hate flying commercial anymore. Its so much a pain in the arsel!
watkinssusan todays world with lots of new technology,travellers are looking for a basic ticketed/bag check in and out process (of course dealing with security will probably never be truly expedited)..the only issue to me is often,people actually want to speak with, or deal with a real person, and not a computer or a computer entry (especially if there is a problem of some kind)..many years ago when the kiosks were first introduced.a lot of airline employees worried that would take away airport turned out there was a need for an agent or two to assist passengers using the kiosk!(and that was before you could get bag tags there) point is, you can speed up services in many ways,(including "the cloud")but the need for actual people is still there,and by the way, airplanes do not dispatch themselves from the gate either,as a real person is required to make sure all is ok ,the door is closed,and the plane is pushed back safely from the gate!!!
Bernie20910 6
...and then the REAL hell can begin. The hell of seat pitches spaced for max dollars instead of reasonable comfort!
complain as they might,people still need to travel by air to get from point a to point b for a vacation, or a business meeting or a graduation or a wedding, and often driving is not an option..the airlines, and that includes the so called "low cost carriers" know that and will try new ideas,amenities or whatever to entice travelers..this is just American updating to fit the needs of travelers most of whom use the internet..


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