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ATC Privatization - Get rich quick

Don't be fooled by the non-profit corporation part. The people who want to run the proposed takeover will give themselves ridiculously high salaries. ( More...

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Paul Leonard 6
If the national airspace system is a vital cog in our national security, why give it away to a private not-for-profit controlled by the airlines, with little or even no government oversight? How might such a private system have reacted in the immediacy of 9-11? Call a ground stop on it own? Some serious issues here need to be considered.
Mike Mohle 5
GA is already hurting and this could kill it for good. Imagine getting a bill for filing a flight plan, ATC services, en route weather updates, etc., EVERY TIME YOU FLY, in addition to continue needing to pay the fuel tax (and others) for the physical airport infrastructure throughout the US (not ATC services). Bad idea. As much as I really hate "big government" solutions, the ATC system in this country works pretty darn well (as a pilot for over 34 years). Of course, like the rest of our government, FAA overall is bloated, overstaffed, with many overpaid positions that add nothing to safety or operational efficiency, and those should be addressed.
Roy Bayless 5
If the results of Automated Flight Service Station stewardship privatization provide any indication of how privatization of Air Traffic Control systems would benefit or harm individuals, then some GA pilots using a privatized ATC service would be in for some unpleasant hardships.Example: Using 1-888-766-8267 to get your clearance or close your flight plan. If you have problems, there are solutions, but most people can not get help by calling, writing, or emailing Lockheed Martin. When we contact our Congressmen on this issue, the letters they send back clearly indicate they either haven't tried to read or understand what we're talking about, or don't care (unless you have some other kind of major influence).
Matt Collins 5
Then they can outsource the clearance number to a call center in India.
wingbolt 1
Thumbs up Matt!
tedtimmons 6
Tax payers don't fund this system. ATC is funded by an aviation fuel tax which has served us well for many, many years. This is just another way for a few insiders to make a lot of money.
Unless they raise the Aviation fuel tax, it will never be able to fund a robust ATC in this country. And in the end, it will raise ticket prices and the costs of GA. I think the status quo is preferred with investment in Next Gen.
linbb 1
We have quite a robust as you put it system in place there are certain perks that need to be addressed. One being paid by traffic count, know of one airport that used to have JAL training at it. They quite often had two AC in the air shooting nothing more than touch and goes. This was a pattern not go out somewhere and track inbound just a standard race track type. Each one of those counted toward total traffic count just like LAX say.

Another item is moving from one center or tower to another they have moving expenses and help with selling there house. This is all tax funded along with great benefits never have seen a poor air traffic controller and have know several over the years.
btweston 3
The idea that private entities should have enforcement authority over private citizens is flawed. When you look at private prisons (companies being allowed to hold people in cages for money) and the abuses associated with them (judges taking bribes to keep the prisons stocked), it's easy to see where privatization can go wrong.

Why should air traffic control itself be controlled by monied interests?
Richard Smith 2
It will be the slow death spiral of General Aviation, which the airlines won't protest. Imagine Air Force 1 in the pattern, number 3 to follow Southwest on final. Airline profits will be the top priority.
Roy Bayless 1
I mean "thing".
Highflyer1950 1
Not sure about actual airport fees, but a C 421 flying from YYZ to YVR would pay around $252 for enroute nav fees. Pretty good deal for IFR or VFR flight following the whole way. Even oceanic charges are fairly cheap with about $55 per crossing using voice of $20 using data link. I haven't heard of any filthy rich millionaires running Nav Canada but we do have one of the best ATC systems in the world.
tedtimmons 1
Neil Wilson CEO $3,159,550 Total Calculated Compensation
Mike Mohle 1
That is about $3M wasted each year!
Highflyer1950 1
Thx for the info, $3+ M for running the ATC system, I'd wouldn't say it's out of line.
Roy Bayless 1
I realize it's called "Leidos" now since the merger and they took over in August. But the service appears to the end-user as the same thinf.
dbkoob -4
i disagree.

Number 1 this article fails to mention. A. Many countries have done this. And B. Prices have gone down since they have to bid to get the job. Lowest bid wins like any other contracting job.

And Number 2. The more i read into the article the more it says opinion not fact.
mags stumpp 6
Here is the view of a professional economist who doesn't have an ideological dog in this fight and who worked through the era of Fred Kahn's airline deregulation:

Competitive markets "work" when there are no externalities (my behavior harms you) and there are multiple participants. Because this would be a single participant market (it's hard to believe competing technologies could be implemented), then a non-government entity could only be an efficient outcome if the government regulated prices (this would be a monopoly) and quality (a monopolist has an incentive to tinker with quality depending upon how much people are willing to pay for the service and how it is regulated). I doubt you'd see planes falling out of the sky, but it would likely end up looking like any other regulated utility. As we all know, public utilities have not been models of efficient behavior. My strong suspicion is that you'd replace one set of problems with another. Finally, there is a subtle point that control over airspace is a hidden "asset". Right now, the Feds "own" that asset. Privatizing ATC transfers that "asset" to private purveyors and it's no longer hidden. That means their bids include the value of owning control over the airspace. The more they pay for this asset, the higher their costs (and prices to all of us). Just my 2 cents...
btweston 4
Who does Nav Canada compete with and bid against?
wingbolt 3
My bill in Canada was $66 USD for about 35 Km. Doesn't sound like much of a bidding war to me.
wingbolt 2
Sorry, 35 NM
Sam Johnson 2
Two bucks a Mile! I will see you at 300 feet agl. Brand new mode S TXP will be inop, aka OFF. NOT all of us who fly are billionaires President Trump.
linbb -1
NUMBER FOUR the biggest thing you totally missed by a mile is the fact OUR ATC system is the most reliable and safest in the world. If you think otherwise you know nothing about it in any way and have read nothing about strikes and labor problems, short staffed causing mid air crashes and such.

Too bad you know nothing about aircraft it seems after seeing what you posted.


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