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This is what happens if you try to sneak a Galaxy Note 7 onto an airplane

In the wake of Samsung officially axing Galaxy Note 7 production last week, the FAA this past Friday banned all Note 7 devices from U.S. flights. Whereas previous bans prevented passengers from charging or using a Note 7 device in the air, the Note 7 is now classified as a forbidden hazardous material because it may "cause an ignition or a dangerous evolution of heat or become a fuel source for fire." ( More...

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linbb 10
With some people you cannot fix stupid they figure whatever they feel like doing its ok for them alone. But putting others at risk is ok because it works ok now or at least until it doesn't.

Was a mechanic for years and came across such people who you couldn't get it thru to them it was not ok.
I'd like to know who came up with the maximum fine amount of $179,933. Some complex numbers must have been crunched to arrive at such an odd amount.
Andy Bowland 11
Maybe it's metric?
glen krc 4
Historically, things like this were kept as nice, round numbers. And from 2012 until this past August, it was still a nice, round number ($175,000). Enter the "Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015" (quite a mouthful). Since the existent penalty figure dated from 2012, it was adjusted up by a factor of 1.02819. Voila! - $179,933 (and 25 cents).
Mike Davis 1
Just a nice, round number.
Jim DeTour 1
Office coffee prices rising, team of expert homeland defense experts and lawyers flying to location and their hotels and dinner prices, over weight baggage fees for the same after massive shopping spree, overtime pay, hazardous duty pay being near Note 7. You know, the usual procedures and figuring.
Andy Bowland 2
So this will be a farce, just like when a passenger smokes on a plane or does something against FAR's...the local police likely won't show up and if they do they are powerless to detain or arrest on a federal regulation. The FBI or a some other federal agency needs to be in all the airports in the US to handle these situations.

I know what you are all thinking, "I've seen police do XYZ or meet the airplane," yes you have. But they are powerless to do anything about a violation of a FAR on board the airplane--including following crew member orders. The police will arrest fighting passengers at the gate or on the ground or disorderly passengers and so on.
However, local LE are still able to "investigate" the incident, write up details, and protect/collect whatever evidence may be applicable. Such information would be helpful to FAA investigators who probably aren't immediately available. And if the "person of interest" gets disorderly or whatever, there's a reason now to detain. It all usually works together,
Mike Davis 1
I agree with the order. However it is very difficult to screen for these -- in fact almost impossible. I just returned on a flight from KSEA to KMCI with a Samsung in my shirt pocket which I removed for the TSA check and placed it in the basket. No questions asked. Put it back in my shirt pocket and boarded the aircraft. However my Samsung is a Galaxy S6 not a Note 7. They look very similar. I wonder if they have some way of checking for the version.
Joe Boll 1
Too bad they could not come up with a Central Collection point in the large Airport terminals, give the owners a Loaner fone, until they return to the the same Airport, the owner then could p/up his fone. Perhaps also chg the fone numbers into the Loaner fone or Exchange fone alltogether.
The warnings should be on their Samsung Note 7 screens. Good luck to all of them.
Mark Lansdell 1
Some people wouldn't hear about the collection point(s). Samsung has already said they will trade the phone for a new one.
Mike Tierney 1
It is impossible for TSA to know whether you have a Note 7 or a 6 or what kind of phone you carry. They could delay the process by inspecting every phone but that is unlikely unless enough people cheat and their phone ignites. Just like turning your phone off at departure, people do cheat and leave theirs on. These kinds of regulations rely on our cooperation, not on enforcement by the authorities. Complying just isn't that hard. And, who wants a product that might catch fire in your pocket or purse?
Alan Brown 1
At least the FAA has warned the public first. Now if they get caught, and hopefully they will before take off, they know what is coming. Like Forrest Gump said..."Stupid is as stupid does."
Mark Lansdell 1
It makes me shake my head in wonder why people won't comply with safety orders. Many many Hondas and other autos were recalled for safety issues with their airbags. It was so bad in some cases, Honda was issuing loaner cars while they waited for replacement parts. That screams of danger to me. Yet some people elect to die rather than bring their car in for a repair the will cost nothing. This is just a portable telephone and I have to ask why. It can't be that they didn't hear of the problem. You just can't fix stupid or stubborn.
Jake Jacoby 1
Competition for Darwin Award is fierce this year. "Paranoia strikes deep." "We learn from history that we do not learn from history."
lynx318 1
I'm walking around with a grenade in my pocket, it hasn't gone off, why should I get rid of it?
Jim DeTour 1
Add inflight safety briefing of tell the stewardess if you notice a person has a note7.
Andy Bowland 2
At my airline...yes they do make that announcement. ..."blah, blah, if you bring a Samsung Note 7 on the airplane it is against Federal law and a felony punishable by up to XYZ. So if you have one please let us know right away and we will mail it home to you." Or something lie that.
Mike Davis 1
That would be equally difficult because unless you really know your cell phones and/or you have it in hour hand, many of them look alike.


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