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Chemtrails theory debunked

For those of you who have been concerned! The reports that government conspiracy theorists say airplane “chemtrails [condensation trails] linger in the air because they contain aluminum, strontium and barium and that these chemicals are used to control humans, pollute the food and water supply and change the weather.” Well, apparently that is not true....or it is even more of a conspiracy. ( More...

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zennermd 6
hahaha, I cannot believe this actually made the Dallas news... BTW, these "chemtrais" do contain aluminum actually... there is a giant chunk of it at the leading edge of every one of them.
Mike Mohle 2
Next, refuting the myth of Man Made Global Warming (AGW)........
Must have been a slow news day. This is pretty basic science, the stuff that used to be taught in elementary and middle schools. I guess they don't teach this stuff now, but though such myths are routinely debunked, the wackadoo's will still believe the crazy, tinfoil hat stories.
Roy Hunte 1
Calvin Chan 1
now they deleted the news
Damon Harvey 1
Noooooo!!! I got 25,000 "chem-Masks" that I gotta ship tonight!
Don't ruin this for me Obama!!!
ADXbear -1
Typical of the administration to even address this
ToddBaldwin3 2
May I ask what administration are you referring to?


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