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Emirates Airlines Launches New Non-Stop Service From Dubai To Orlando With An Airbus A380 Super Jumbo Jet

Emirates Airlines completed the first rotation of the new Orlando-Dubai non-stop service today with a water canon salute by the Orlando airport’s Fire Rescue department using an Airbus A380, landing at 11:29am... ( More...

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Wael Qahoush 1
For your information there are many churches in Dubai and close to a hundred churches in the UAE. The government of the UAE not only gives permission to these churches to exist, they have actually gifted land to the churches so we can build our churches on. On top of that, for my church in Abu Dhabi, they pay our utility bill for the center which can be around $US12,000 per month. When was the last time the U.S. Federal government or state government did this to a church in the U.S.

Before you comment, please educate yourself.
Ken Lane 1
Orlando? I thought it was silly having a BA777 dedicated between Austin and Heathrow. But apparently it fills up well... with mostly connections that used to go through DFW. But they get some money from the city of Austin so it was an easy jump for BA.

I wonder how much the taxpayers of Orlando are shelling out for such a big bird on a dedicated rout and the cost of gate accommodations.
rick SCOTT 0
Orlando International Airport built a room so Emirates' customers can pray, and the orientation markings so they can bow down to the east. A perfect reception for US soldiers who are coming in on international flights to get home from the Middle East will have to walk by this room. Let them pray in their hotel rooms like a Christian. Is there a Christian room at Dubai for us to pray in upon arrival. I doubt it.
No there isn't a Christian Room in Dubai. But then you have to ask yourself do we judge ourselves by our rules, or do we judge others by our rule? For in the USA there is freedom of religion in the UAE there is only Islam which is supported by the state. If we wish to continue to have our freedoms do we want to be in league of restraining or curtailing others? By allowing others to practice in a way that doesn't harm us we hold the moral high ground saying "here we can practice as we wish." How different are we if we bring the hate to a whole group of people versus holding our resolve?
honza nl 1
if man talks to God, he is spiritual; if man hears God talk to him he psychotic :)
Frank Vila 0
The Service it will be operate by B777-200 After the inaugural day.
Chris B 1
Bet they will try and make Orlando's top hotels into a party zone during Ramadan etc. You should see all the wealth that lands in London that month.


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