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Drone flies within “a few hundred feet” of descending Southwest flight

As a Southwest flight began its descent into Dallas Love Field on Friday, the pilot reported spotting a quadcopter drone within "a few hundred feet." According to the Dallas Morning News, local and federal investigators have begun trying to locate the pilot. ( More...

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skipraccio 8
Thats a major issue there.These quadcopter drones are multiplying like rabbits.Just look on Youtube and see the aerial videos they are producing with them.Not bad with the aerial videos but keep them away from airplane/helicopter flightpaths.

They got to do something before one gets suck into an engine or hit the cockpit windshield.
Bill Babis 5
Relax. Drones and lasers are not one millionth the problem that texter is coming at ya on the road.
sparkie624 2
They are very fun to fly as a hobby... I have one, and fly it frequently, but I do so at AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) approved fields, and the AMA states that if you are within 5 miles of an airport your max altitude is 400 feet.... The real problem is that so many idiots do not joint the AMA, and do not know the rules.
crk112 1
Well said.. not only that I'm sure the first time some drone pilot gets hit by an airliner he's gonna play like HE is the victim.
sparkie624 1
That is not only the RC Industry... That is the american way anymore... That is why lawyers are so rich.... If we would pass a law that would prevent any lawyer from ever becoming a Judge and to have it to where no lawyers could hold a position in congress, things would be a lot better...
Bill Babis 1
I think you probably know the dead lawyer and dead skunk in the road joke.
sparkie624 1
Not Really... But let us have it.. I am sure they both stink.. :)
Bill Babis 1
skid marks lead up to the skunk! I'm sure lawyers have lots of pilot jokes also. That's what makes the world go round but now people have all this sensitivity training and don't laugh anymore which makes them sick. I, myself as a pollack, have always loved a good pollack joke but new ones haven't come around in decades.
John Diehl 0
Remember you are getting your information from faulty sources like Associated Press - the voice of obama.... they want no one to have the clout they have.... and this is just another way to get more and more out of the hands of the people. I bet the FAA was really sickened by the idea that they might have to deal with individuals rather than a big corporation....
canuck44 4
This is going to be a continuing problem just like the green lasers. There is a remedy though which is to jam the controlling frequencies with a distance from the flight paths and requiring all of these drones to operate within designated frequencies.
Bill Babis 4
Jamming sounds questionable. One thing worse than a drone is an out of control drone.
mariofer 2
Depends on what you jam. If the control frequency is jammed, most drones will return to the home position. Yes, the path to home may cross the path of the aircraft. However, it will always be a descending path. Provided the drone is at the same altitude, if jammed early enough, the drone will descend out of the path of the aircraft.
Or an out of control 737?
Not a reasonable way to a "solution" - not hard at all to just change frequencies to something cellular (as many can fly run from an iPhone to begin with). Catching the "offenders" is going to be about impossible. Charging and convicting even harder. I live about .5 mi from an airport and my neighbors just about all launch fireworks (the big fun ones), a few fly RC aircraft (one is about 8' wing span) and the other night one launched candle powered hot air balloons - I am sure illegal. But, the only solution will be common sense - something that is hard to find these days. As for the lasers - I for one dont buy it. These are NOT laser pointers from a trade show conference. These are people who are making or buying BIG lasers...either terrorists plotting or the Govt.
Ken Lane 1
The only real solution is to create law that places severe consequences on the violators similar to that for lasers.
Greg Zelna 1
Correct, the idiots ruin most things for the majority law abiding, responsible participants... Result is 'lowest common denominator' type of law, enforcement, regulation - etc, gotta be sure to regulate the stupid and incompetent !
Bill Babis 1
The laws are made by the stupid and incompetent so what do you expect to change?
Ben Kocsis 1
The website was recently created as a group effort from hobbyists, manufacturers, the FAA and the American Model Association (AMA). I foresee UAV manufacturers requiring people to take an online course before they can arm their device. The 5 minutes it takes to read the rules could save lives. It's a huge awareness campaign that we all need to push, for our own safety.
ottots 1
I am an owner of a DJI Phatom 2 and with the most recent firmware update it greatly restricts where you can fly this quad copter with in the FAA restrictions. If the owners don't update then it will be possible to violate FFA Laws/Regs. I am still very cautious and now my surroundings with local airports not covered by the new firmware. I am very responsible quad owner and which the rest were as responsible and aware. The idiots are going to ruin this for the rest of us on this subject.
WhiteKnight77 0
I am of the thought that the firmware should restrict the altitude to 400' no matter where they fly, not just within 5 miles from an airport. There have been reports of them at 18,000' near Dublin Georgia (sorry, can't fine the news report). That makes them a danger to any aircraft. I have no issues with people wanting to fly them, but there are those who do things that they shouldn't and as you noted, the idiots are going to ruin it for those who do not do stupid things with their drones.
Kells Moore 1
Yes I reported it in the name of aviation!
sparkie624 1
?? What who are you talking about.. Looks like a reply, but listed as a comment
Kells Moore 1
Sorry, I intended to reply to the comment by sparkie 624 below. That was my mistake sorry bout that.
Meanwhile the media idiots like the Weather Channel keep encouraging these dangerous acts by giving them free air time - and sometimes even interviews.
Craig Rife 1
One of the original proposals of drone regulations would require that the operator would possess a minimum of a Private Pilots license. Still not a bad idea. Pilots have a better understand of airport traffic areas and TCA's. Theses are Aircraft.
Chris Harlan 1
I have a DJI Phantom 2 as well, but before going up, I will look at the VFR sectional where I'm at to make sure there are no close by airports, and to also make sure I'm not in any flight patterns. It's the people who buy these things and are clueless about the airspace restrictions and regulations who are going to mess it up for the rest of us who abide by the rules and go through the proper channels of operating one of these machines.
mariofer 1
No one will do anything until one of these idiots bring an aircraft down and people die. Then everyone will cry to ban them all.
John Miller -2
Charge these drone operators with Federal Crimes and throw them into Federal Penitentiaries.
sparkie624 0
The big problem is most are ignorant and do not understand what they are doing.... This is not worthy of hard prison time, but they do need to be fined or something similar....

[This poster has been suspended.]

J E Letchman 2
Why can't this crap be stopped? This has no place here.
sparkie624 1
LOL... Looks like it was at least deleted for what ever it was..


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