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New Airline to Offer Business-Class-Only Flights from New York to Paris

La Compagnie, a new French airline, unveiled plans to offer nearly-daily flights linking New York’s Newark International Airport and Paris Charles De Gaulle. The airline’s sole aircraft, a Boeing 757, will have 74 angled lie-flat seats in a 2-2 configuration. It plans to acquire a second 757 at the end of 2014.... ( More...

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Will be interesting to see if the company will be successful or not.
Jared Logan 2
This should be good
One airplane? "nearly-daily" service? all business class? I just don't see this working as a profitable endeavor. Unless they have money to burn, they need to have a mixed class airplane with economy and pack 'em like sardines or else this industry will eat them alive.

Bernie20910 1
What's the approximate total cost to the company for such a flight? Divided by 74 that gives you the bare minimum ticket price just to break even with a full manifest, if everything goes perfectly (which it never does). Ticket prices are going to be in the five figure range I think...


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