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Preventing post crash fires complicated: Transport Canada

Changing the way aircraft are designed to save lives by limiting fires after plane crashes wouldn't be simple, nor would it be the most effective way to reduce aviation fatalities, a senior official with Transport Canada says. ( More...

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Jim Heslop 1
Typical bureaucratic mumbo! "No easy way" to implement such a change to disconnect the battery....Sooo...what about ELTs? Do they not have a g-force activated switch? Pretty simple.
I wonder if these same decision makers would watch somebody swing a bat at them and stand there and think about how that chain of events led them to that decision to swing the bat so we can prevent it from...SMACK!
First duck, then analyze the situation.
In other words...put an immobilizer on the batteries, save some lives, and figure out how you can save even more later!
God bless the folks at the TSB! They've got one hell of a job to do. Thanks for your effort!!


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