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Plane-spotting made easy: Photographer perched on LAX runway captures the side of aircraft least often seen

These images may appear to show toy aeroplanes for children, but in fact they are commercial aircraft caught mid-flight. A photographer braved the roar of jet engines to capture the underside of planes as they came in to land. The stunning pictures show the vehicles' fuselage in pinsharp detail, revealing the extraordinary diversity of the aircraft populating our skies. ( More...

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Very cool indeed. It also goes to show the frame of mind people had at McDonnell-Douglas and Boeing with the B717s and B727s.

fuselage-based engines always were loud, and always worried me.. But seeing the shots underneath, those are the type of aircraft Quagmire would love to fly. They just look so.. phallic (giggity).
Toby Sharp 1
Very Cool
A truly stunning set of pictures! I have rarely seen such perfect plan view of aircraft such as these. Congratulations on superb work.


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