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Russian bears addicted to aviation fuel

These brown bears are keen to play with discarded barrels - because they have developed a nose for aviation fuel ( More...

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indy2001 4
While initially a bit amusing, this is just another instance of irresponsible human activity impacting wildlife. Why would discarded avfuel barrels be left unsecured on a nature reserve? Inhalant abuse is a very dangerous activity for humans, resulting in irreversible brain damage among addicts. Oxygen deprivation in a pregnant female also causes birth defects in infants; genetic effects are also suspected. I would expect some of that damage would also be happening among the bears.
grahbag 1
Isn't it ironic? Discarded fuel barrels on a nature preserve! The bears seem happy at least...
Wayne Jeffrey 1
Maybe they need something similar to what is used in parts of regional Australia to minimise petrol sniffing. Opal fuel has less aromatics than regular unleaded fuel, and is therefore less desirable to the petrol sniffer.

I know we are not talking about unleaded fuel here, but I'm sure chemists out there could do something to make the fuel less appealing to the bears.

Either that or the Russians need to put a better fuel supply system in place, rather than leaving barrels throughout the sanctuary.


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