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Supermodel Maggie Rizer Claims United Airlines Killed Her Dog

Supermodel Maggie Rizer's two-year-old Golden Retriever Bea was very much alive when she and her family boarded a United Airlines flight bound for San Francisco from the East Coast. When the plane landed, Bea was discovered dead and Rizer, shaken, started to look for answers. ( More...

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Dale Woodruff 1
I have wondered myself. in 2007 my dog Sadie was flown from boise,Id to Daytona Bch, fl and I was worried the whole day. Sadie was delivered to the baggage reclaim first and my new best friend was here for me to spoil. DELTA Airlines at the scheduled stops took her for a walk and water and also let her cage sit right behind the cockpit door until Daytona,fl. I was a funeral director in Fl for 40 yeaers and only used for shippind.
preacher1 1
I can understand the loss of a family pet, and as much UNITED bashing as is being done these days, would relish a chance to get in on it, BUT, IF it is as haeen told here, I think United is in the right. There were multiple animals on the flight and this one was the only one that suffered this fate.
Dale Woodruff 1
I can sympathize with preacher1 in what he said but would he want to tell a person or family that their beloved pet because of the lack of concern for the pet. One has to know that a pet fare is alot more than a passenger ticket. You pay a price for service and expect servive.


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