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Tired pilot gets behind airplane

What reportedly happened: The pilot, age 66, held a private pilot certificate for airplane single-engine land. A review of the pilot’s logbook revealed that as of Aug. 11, 2010, he had logged approximately 274.5 hours, of which, 5.5 hours were at night. The pilot’s last flight logged at night (.7 hours) was on Aug. 22, 2009. ( More...

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linbb 2
Funny nothing that had anything to do with age as spending too many hours awake will casue problems with anyone any age. But hey make it sound like age had something to do with the screw up.
Could it really take four days to find a crash less than 500 feet from the runway?
Betty Goss 1
That's what I thought, too. Seems like someone at the airport would have heard the crash???
Peter Douglas 1
My trigonometry is not as good as it once was, but if the aircraft was observed to be climbing at 400 feet, and sounded relatively normal, to crash within 500 feet of that point is a fairly rapid descent. Doesn't sound right to me.


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