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Food Cart Design That Doesn’t Block Airplane Aisles

Orbit is a concept system for delivering food on commercial aircraft by UK designer Heather Dunne. The space-saving solution improves upon the traditional airline food cart by making it slimmer and longer, so passengers can get around flight attendants. ( More...

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KauaiGolfer 4
As skinny as airplane aisles are now, it doesn't make any difference how small the serving cart is. You're not getting around it.
Daniel Baker 3
Wait a second...considering, for example, that the fuselage of every 737 for the last 45 years has been exactly the same width, how can people claim that both the aisles AND the seats are getting narrower?
It's the new math I guess.
Jeff Lawson 2
Indeed. Being only 4 inches narrower than a normal cart doesn't really make it much more feasible for today's heavyset passengers to get around it.
Foxtrot789 3
Well if the track is straight down the center (as indicated by the picture) than this is really only 2 inches thinner than the old(er) design.
Ken McIntyre 2
Don't want it toooo skinny, anyway. It would be susceptible to tipping in turbulence. How about that bowl full of peanuts in your lap? Or urn of coffee?
The key word is "concept design", which usually translates to "something we were noodling around with at the office." So, probably more "ideas" than "engineering" in this. (e.g. I imagine the "tracks down the aisle" would get rapidly caked with gunk and goo which would cause the wheels to jam.)
Alex BRown 1
Actually looking at the design of the cart, it seems pretty intuitive. However, with the soda, I think that they should try putting them on their sides with springs so it automatically pushes the last one up (kind of like a vending machine).
emperorjimbo 1
Could be a neat idea. Let's wait and see how it gets implemented, if it does, before tearing it to shreds. :)
sparkie624 1
LOL, What are the POS's going to do, and a lot of the FA's are POS's (Persons of Size, IE: FAT A$$)
flynavy001 1
I believe the 737 was 2 + 3 wide when rolled out verus 3 + 3 in the cheap seats totay.
Widen the seats, narrow the aisle, reduce overhead bin depth by half, use overhead trolly system.
Too much carryon anyhow. I despise watching 90lb women try and get their steamer truck up
That' trunk......
MultiComm 1
Anybody thought about the major reconfiguration of the aircraft "galley" that would have to take place to accommodate the new longer carts? Translation: More galley space = same number of revenue seats squeezed just a little bit closer together decreasing the already lacking legroom.


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