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50 Photos From Air Travel’s Glory Years

For those who have traveled in the last several years, you’ll have noticed that most of the glitz and glam of flying has been all but lost — especially for those not traveling first class. For example, meals are seldom complementary, and extra baggage rates can be extortionist. But was it always this way? The answer, of course, is no. And so, we decided to take a look back to the glory days of flight - when the stewardesses resembled beauty pageant contestants, when pilots seemed likes heroes,… ( More...

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Beechluvr 0
Wow..what a trip back in time looking at those pics. And the stewardesses! They were the ones that made it all the worthwhile! National, Pan Am, Eastern just to name a few of the great ones. Hell, I remember asking a stewardess for a light for my cig. What a wonderful time that was. The only delay I remember while inside an airplane (an Eastern 727), was holding over the everglades approaching MIA. And that was only maybe 15 or 20 min. Not 3 plus hours on the tarmac like things happen now.
mayday319 0
it amazing to see how far we come in todays air travel.
budrow 0
those where the days.


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