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Tower Chatter at KJFK

Need a laugh ? This is great .. Hard to believe it's actual Tower / Pilot communications. And these are suppose to be "professionals" .. ! ( More...

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Bill Schmiett 4
Do NOT mess with the ground controller from da Bronx. He knows some guys who know some guys.
Mike Barbato 3
I've heard this before. He doesn't seem angry, he seems funny. I heard nothing inappropriate.
That guy has earned every bit of his retirement.
Victor Tango 3
This controller is now at KISP. Apparently he was given the choice to quit or go to KISP. Still has a short fuse.
linbb 2
All of you sobs who think its a walk in the park to work in the cab stick it. Get a life its a job that burns many out, to know all of the routes dead bang is rough on the ground what gets pushed back isnt in the propper place because of pilot error on the ground is a very hard job. They cant see everything which makes it even worse.
Thats non freaking stop
Jerry Ryan 1
It's the aviation version of 'who's on first' lol
Ur Mom 1
I've listened to this before and it was just as funny this time as it was the first!
Marcus Adolf 1
Was about to post this. This was emailed 2 me by 5 different people today.
This is a classic...


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