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Could Google's new glasses work for pilots?

Google is going to start selling glasses with computers in them, the New York Times's Nick Bilton has been reporting. The computer "screen" will be graphics layered over the lenses, kind of like a "heads-up display" or "HUD" in a figher jet. ( More...

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Scott Keller 4
Sounds interesting, but can you imagine what the FAA certification process would be like... Cole, I imagine you'll be well beyond your 1000th hour before this idea is ready for the cockpit.
Yeah I can imagine what the FAA might do about something like that. I personally wouldn't use it...I like the naked eye. Only 994 more hours to go!
Tim Smith 3
Watching TV on my sunglasses while flying? Sold!
John Case 2
when they can demonstrate the glasses providing direction while you're walking down a busy Manhattan street looking for a subway or bus stop, then perhaps the discussion can begin on assisting aviation.
Klemons 2
Maybe now a 172 can shoot an CAT 3 ILS approach.
I am only a student pilot but I think this would be great for identifying airports, avoiding obstacles, recognizing air spaces, seeing wind direction, and staying on course in all conditions.
Jason Rhew 7
that's called aviating- PLEASE learn to do it on your own before relying on a gadget to help you!
It'll make you a better pilot
Yeah I may have come off sounding like I would them but I won't. I like the purity and realism of flying. If one doesn't, they might as well save their money and play FSX.
shawn white 1
Nope,they can't work for pilots.
Sounds pretty cool! I can think of a lot of applications for these, beyond just aviation!
Yeah......but can they let you watch 3D movies??? I still want the X-Ray vision glasses that they used to sell in the back of the comic books.
Roland Dent 1
This is one of the most idiotic ideas I have come across. If a civil airliner is doing transitions like a fighter jet it will fall apart. If the machine is vibrating so much you cannot read the intruments the same will be true of the glasses. God help us all.
Jason Rhew 0
I'll wait till Apple perfects them! :)
James Bond will have them first. Q will add a laser, GPS, and who knows what else.


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