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San Diego’s New Service to Europe — on Edelweiss?

Recently, I received a press release email from my local airport, San Diego International. The title read: “Edelweiss to begin nonstop seasonal service between Zurich and San Diego.” You’ve got to love it when your local airport adds new service, but this time was a little different than usual. (www.airlinereporter.com) More...

Happy 12th Birthday FlightAware

Flightaware turns twelve today Happy Birthday! Flightaware has come very far! (flightaware.com) More...

US Diplomat Was Investigated for Spying as a Kid Because He Kept Writing Boeing Asking for Photos

By most standards, Robert F. Dorr lived the most all-American, patriotic life anyone possibly could. He served in the Air Force, he was a diplomat with the State Department from the 1960s to the 1980s, and he went on to be a successful author and TV pundit about military affairs. But as a teenager, Dorr was investigated by the FBI for potential espionage. His crime? He kept writing to Boeing asking for photos of their planes. (paleofuture.gizmodo.com) More...

Major makeover for Greek regional airports

Germany airport management company Fraport has detailed plans to modernize and develop 14 Greek airports. Local arm Fraport Greece plans to invest a minimum of €330 million ($355 million) through 2021 to upgrade the airports’ facilities, with the intention of improving the travel experience and preparing for an anticipated uptick in passenger traffic. The company has a 40-year operating concession at the 14 airports. (atwonline.com) More...

Two small aircraft collide and come down in shopping centre parking lot near Montreal

Two small aircraft came down in a shopping centre parking lot after mid-air collision. No English report available yet. (www.lapresse.ca) More...

Plane crashes, no pilot found

Plane was on auto pilot and crashed after it ran out of fuel. (www.foxnews.com) More...

Brussels Airport in memory of the victims of #BrusselsAttacks

Remembering this terrible day when there was a bomb attack. Watch the video. (www.airlive.net) More...

21 Airlines to Move Terminals Overnight During Massive LAX Relocation Effort in Mid-May

Twenty-one airlines will be relocated in mid-May at LAX in what airport officials are calling one of the largest terminal moves in the history of commercial aviation. (ktla.com) More...


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