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Swiss Says Goodbye to the Avro “Jumbolino”

Swiss International Airlines has retired its last Avro RJ100 regional jet. To mark the occasion, the airline flew the 15-year veteran aircraft on a special final flight between Geneva and Zurich. (airwaysmag.com) More...

Taking flight: How an Airbus jetliner is made in Mobile

Later this year, Airbus executives expect to see the Final Assembly Line in Mobile hit a target rate of four jets per month. Here's how it all comes together. (www.al.com) More...

ATC Monitoring Eclipse Balloon Launch

Pilots flying on the days leading up to the coming solar eclipse on Aug. 21 have surely planned already to cope with extra traffic near the path of totality, but they also need to be aware of a nationwide balloon launch that will take place along that path. Teams of students will release about 100 high-altitude scientific balloons from about 30 locations along the eclipse path, from Oregon to South Carolina. The balloons will carry instruments to about 100,000 feet, where they will send back… (www.avweb.com) More...

Bombardier Delivers its First Challenger 350 Aircraft in Argentina

Bombardier Business Aircraft announced today it delivered the first Challenger 350 aircraft to be based in Argentina, joining Bombardier's fleet of 122 Challenger aircraft in Latin America. Bombardier’s business jet fleet in Latin America is comprised of approximately 685 aircraft in service – spanning Bombardier’s full product portfolio of Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft. (www.bombardier.com) More...

U.K. Looks At Licensing Lasers

British authorities are proposing to regulate the sale of laser pointers to curb attacks on aircraft. The U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial has issued a “call for evidence” into possibly licensing the sale of small lasers. “Used irresponsibly or maliciously, these products can and do wreak havoc and harm others, with potentially catastrophic consequences,” said Business Minister Margot James. “That’s why we want to hear from business groups, retailers and consumers about the… (www.avweb.com) More...

Fascinating timelapse video shows five-tonne Airbus jet engine being changed hours before take-off

Virgin Atlantic has released a timelapse video of its engineers replacing a five-tonne engine worth millions of pounds on one of its aircraft just hours before it flew across the Atlantic. (www.telegraph.co.uk) More...

Taxi at Large Airports Like a Pro

An iPad can be a pilot's best friend during one of the most confusing parts of any flight: after landing at a busy, unfamiliar airport. (www.flyingmag.com) More...

Air Berlin files for Insolvency after Etihad withdraws support

Air Berlin has filed for Insolvency after Etihad withdraws support, and is now in discussions with Lufthansa... (www.ausbt.com.au) More...

Endeavor Air to grow with 31 additional CRJs

Ryan Gumm, President and CEO, Endeavor Air, announced an opportunity that grows the airline, strengthens its future, and signals another significant commitment from Delta Air Lines. (worldairlinenews.com) More...


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