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Power outage cripples Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport

(CNN)A power outage at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest airport, is leaving thousands of passengers stranded and planes grounded indefinitely. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for flights to Atlanta at 11:30 a.m. ET Sunday, meaning that planes are being held at their departure airports, according to a tweet on the airport's verified Twitter account. Departures from the airport are delayed because electronic equipment is not working… (www.cnn.com) More...

End of an era: Boeing 747 takes its last commercial flight in the US

Atlanta - The Boeing 747, the world's first jumbo jet and the most recognizable passenger aircraft will pass into aviation history this week. After 50 years after of its debut, the 747 will make its final commercial flight on Tuesday, December 19 with Delta Air Lines from Seoul to Detroit. (airlinerwatch.com) More...

Hawaiian expands in San Diego with its new Airbus A321neo jets

Hawaiian Airlines will add new non-stop service between San Diego and Kahului on the island of Maui. (www.airguideonline.com) More...

Pitch or power? The answer is both!

As a new student pilot, I was almost always too high and too fast on final approach (maybe I didn’t want to land and end all the fun). The result was that my instructor often had to coach me through both slowing down and going down. One day, in an attempt to help, he said something that sounded so simple, and yet was immensely confusing: “pitch for airspeed; power for altitude.” (studentpilotnews.com) More...

Horizon Air CEO Dave Campbell Stepping Down After Troubled Year

Dave Campbell, CEO of Horizon Air, the regional carrier that’s part of Alaska Air Group, announced Monday that he’s stepping down after a year of turmoil at the airline. (www.seattletimes.com) More...

Boeing-Bombardier Trade Dispute Heats Up at U.S. Hearing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Boeing Co and Bombardier Inc went head to head on Monday over the U.S. planemaker’s claim that its Canadian rival used billions of dollars in illegal government subsidies to dump its newest jetliner in the United States at below cost. (www.reuters.com) More...

Second prototype of China's C919 jet conducts test flight

A second prototype of China’s home-built C919 passenger jet took off for a test flight in Shanghai on Sunday, state television reported, another step forward in the country’s ambitions to muscle in to the global jet market. (www.todayonline.com) More...


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