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FAA and Aireon Announce Space-Based ADS-B Flight Test Success

The FAA and Aireon today announced a successful flight test of space-based ADS-B, collecting ADS-B data to be used as part of a larger validation effort exploring the new system’s capability from low-earth orbit. The flight took place on Thursday, March 30, 2017, utilizing the FAA’s specially equipped “flying laboratory” Bombardier jet with three Aireon payloads available to receive data. A total of 2,462 ADS-B messages were received and decoded providing comparable data to that of terrestrial… (aireon.com) More...

Operation Migration - In Search of Generous Pilots

The Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada is able to raise three or four parent-reared Whooping crane chicks this year, but getting into the U.S. is problematic. A number of Ports-of-Entry along the US/Canada border are able to process live animals imported into America but they normally deal with livestock transported by trucks or trains. The closest Port-of-Entry at an airport is in Chicago, but the only commercial aircraft flying between Calgary and Chicago does not have cargo doors to its… (operationmigration.org) More...

Delta Passenger Kicked Off Flight After Urgent Trip to the Restroom

The way Kima Hamilton sees it, his urgent need to visit the restroom as a Milwaukee-bound Delta jet awaited takeoff was a misunderstanding blown all out of proportion. In fellow passenger Krista Rosolino's view, it was outrageous that Hamilton was kicked off the flight and that everyone else was forced to exit the plane when it returned to the gate in Atlanta. She took to social media to defend this man she didn't know. (www.jsonline.com) More...

United Airlines Faces Questions Over Death of Giant Rabbit

Less than three weeks after a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines flight at the Chicago airport, the carrier found itself facing another public relations fiasco on Wednesday after a three-foot-long rabbit died on a flight from Britain... (www.aviationfigures.com) More...

British Airways plans $65mm renovation at JFK Airport

What will $65 million in improvements look like in Terminal 7 at JFK Airport in New York City? British Airways is set to invest heavily in its operations there and wants the new terminal to look and feel something more like the new First Wing at Heathrow Terminal 5 which just opened for service. The company released a video this morning with some renderings of what the new space will look like. (www.airlineboarding.net) More...


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