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Written on 05/25/2018 by Rob Potter Here is its arrival in Canada

Written on 05/25/2018 by Rob Potter

This is actually a 337, it has retractable gear, the 336 had fixed gear. I worked for a Cessna dealer when these things came out. If Cessna had made better provisions for carrying luggage I think this would have really taken off. It was the only twin engine airplane I felt comfortable taking off on one engine.

Written on 05/25/2018 by David Rossbryan

Was this pic taken on the airshow on May 12-13? I'v been there, but my pics are much worse than this one

Written on 05/25/2018 by Alexandr Molyavko

Nice pic, Brian! I was checking out some of the previous Air Force Ones and found this on Joe Baugher's website reference this aircraft:

72-7000 Boeing VC-137C MSN 20630. Special 707-353B for Office of the President. Supplemented the famous *Air Force One*. Used civil test reg of N8459. Donated to Reagan Presidential Library, CA Sept 2001. To San Bernadino IAP Sep 8, 2001 for preservation. Now on display inside Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, California.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Greg Byington

Did Sunset Bar survive the storm?

Written on 05/25/2018 by Charles Mills

Serial number 70003 is the avionics and electrical system test bed for the Global 7000.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Robert Wallraff

My Dad was a Douglas Tech-Rep for the AD1 in RI and Japan; later, the A4D, DC-9 and DC-10.

Written on 05/25/2018 by robert kennington

Super photo. Where was this taken?

Written on 05/25/2018 by Kevin Harris

I miss being out at sea, doing things like this.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Bernie Behling

Thanks for the info, David! It did confuse me a little, though. So, I looked up the aircraft you mentioned (VC-137C, 62-6000) on Joe Baugher's website. If I have it right, the three I mentioned in my last post (including the one pictured above at PASM) were converted to VIP transports at some point and were, or could have been, used to transport the president. But the one at the National Museum of the Air Force that David linked to was built in 1962 specifically as an "Air Force One" and was the one that JFK was using when he made the infamous trip to Dallas in 1963. Here is the info from Joe Baugher:

62-6000 Boeing VC-137C MSN 18461. Special 707-353B for Office of the President. The famous "Air Force One". Now on display at USAF Museum.

Thanks again, David!

Written on 05/25/2018 by Greg Byington

timparr - a quick search of the current U.K. civil aircraft registry proves your presumption to be 100% correct!!!

Written on 05/25/2018 by cliff731

Yes... thanks for sharing this exemplary and superlative photo capture with us!

*F*I*V*E* Stars!!!

BTW, the 172nd AW, based at Allen C. Thompson Field ANG Base and co-located at KJAN, Jackson, MS, swapped their aging Lockheed C-141C Starlifters for the current fleet of C-17A Globemaster III aircraft. Circa 2003 thru 2004, if I recall correctly.

That initial C-17 a/c as delivered, USAF s/n 02-1112, was named "Spirit of the Minutemen". From the unit's fact sheet and history, "C-17A -1112 is also the first Globemaster assigned to the Air National Guard".

Written on 05/25/2018 by cliff731

Thank you Dick. I like it also !

Written on 05/25/2018 by John Marotta

Storms really altered that beach. There's a great little bar/restaurant just to the right that's a perfect spot post landing for aircraft and bikini spotting.
Nice shot.

Written on 05/25/2018 by jthyland

For Alexandr and Jacques, this is a reminder for me too. I was a P-3 pilot in the '70's and saw a lot of these North of Kef. They were faster than us.

Written on 05/25/2018 by jthyland

Great photo!!!!

Written on 05/25/2018 by yossi1

And it shows.

Written on 05/25/2018 by John Ryan

Nice. Eastern CEO is also owner of Swift. Eastern now running as a Charter. Looks like this one spent time in Europe. Good legs though, Charlotte to Kef, 6 hours. Many wanted to see Eastern to fly a schedule again.

Written on 05/25/2018 by jthyland

Woooow!! What a shot!

Written on 05/25/2018 by Ché Stuart

at what speed is this operation ? turbo props against jets ?

Written on 05/25/2018 by Frederik deCockBuning

@ Greg Byinton and @ Kilrah thanks very much!!

Written on 05/25/2018 by daniel jef

Very nice! Why does the aircraft have a Canadian it being leased from a Canadian airline?

Written on 05/25/2018 by Tyler Emtage

1968 Tuy Hoa AB, RVN. AS a USAF Air Traffic Controller invited to fly along on a "Psych" mission, dropping leaflets and playing music/"Psych" broadcast. The AF pilot went by the callsign "Batman" and it was his intent to get riders air sick. He succeeded with me. :-) Subsequently found, getting Controllers air sick was a hobby with "Batman".

Written on 05/25/2018 by Rich Pelkowski

Great photo, John - AC sure looks good in its new colors !

Written on 05/25/2018 by Dick Nieuwendyk

This is an airborne telescope used by NASA. it has a huge door in the back which is that bulge in between the tail and engine four and this is the only one ever made.

Written on 05/25/2018 by peterjp5

The aircraft was quite a leader in innovative design when it first flew and surprised the US with its speed for a turbo prop. one problem at lower altitude was noise, you could hear it coming from miles away with the counter rotating props. It would be interesting to see the engine gearbox and know how much maintenance was required to keep it flying.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Ken Hardy

Great tail number. One would presume that the plane is now owned and flown by a woman...Go Girl...

Written on 05/25/2018 by timparr

Very cool. and thank you for your service.

Written on 05/25/2018 by peterjp5

This is what my photos look like, without having those long (and very costly) lenses that most photographers use!

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Thanks for a great photo and good informative comment.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

It may have been used for psyops, but in III Corps, it replaced the venerable Cessna O-1 birddog, which I flew as a FAC ( Forward Air Controller) for a year during the VN war. Note the WP rocket on the wing, which was used to mark the target.

Written on 05/25/2018 by james hill

Thank you for a good photo and informative comment.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

It will be interesting to observe how popular this very light jet aircraft will become.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Nice photo and thanks for the informative comment.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Thank you for a good photo and complete info.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Interesting contrast to the Backfire photos posted . Smooth aerodynamic Lines vs boxy industial

Written on 05/25/2018 by John Rumble

Oh they cranked up production again
Cold War2.0 Courtesy of Mr Putin
"{A newly built Tupolev Tu-160 long-range heavy strategic bomber – the first one since 1992 – was rolled out of the hangar as Russia resumes production of the world’s largest operational bomber that NATO designates as Blackjack. "

Written on 05/25/2018 by John Rumble

That takes me back a bit....

Written on 05/25/2018 by Terry Wright

The tinted rear canopy was to darken the aft section so the electronics/radar operators could see their scopes better.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Bryan Nylander

Unpressurized solid 30 pax workhorse. Maybe Viking Air might put them back in production, like they have with the much smaller Twin Otter.

Written on 05/25/2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

Best thing is how this gives you the relative size of the B52H as compared to the KC. Massive difference in their wing areas...

Written on 05/25/2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

Great photo of a unique aircraft. Thanks to "John Hodges" for informing us about the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Dallas. My wife and I will be visiting Texas next year. Unlike our older generation that all used to go to Dallas to visit Southfork Ranch, we will most certainly visit this museum. Leon Kay, South Africa.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Anyone know why the rear canopy was given that blue tint?

Written on 05/25/2018 by joolsmy

Great photo of a great plane. It appears that the demand for these long-range aircraft with modern features are escalating.

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Great photo 5*

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Agreed with "peterjp5" about this being a rare shot of a rare aircraft and with "David Apps" that the Russians are extremely good in copying other aircraft design!

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

Leon KAY it's a A400 (Airbus Atlas A400 refilling 2 Tornadoes. All from German Air Forces..

Written on 05/25/2018 by serge LOTH

Any information on what aircraft these are?

Written on 05/25/2018 by Leon Kay

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