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ZK-MVO Flight Activity History

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Date Aircraft Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
19-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 03:35PM NZDT 04:20PM NZDT Scheduled
19-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 02:00PM NZDT 02:45PM NZDT Scheduled
19-Jan-2020 AT72Napier ()Christchurch Int'l () 11:50AM NZDT 01:10PM NZDT Scheduled
19-Jan-2020 AT72Auckland ()Napier () 10:00AM NZDT 10:45AM NZDT Scheduled
19-Jan-2020 AT72Nelson ()Auckland () 07:30AM NZDT 08:40AM NZDT Scheduled
18-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Nelson () 04:24PM NZDT 05:00PM NZDT Scheduled
18-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 02:45PM NZDT 03:30PM NZDT Scheduled
18-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 01:15PM NZDT 01:55PM NZDT Scheduled
18-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 10:20AM NZDT 11:05AM NZDT Scheduled
18-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 08:40AM NZDT 09:25AM NZDT Scheduled
17-Jan-2020 AT76Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:05PM NZDT 07:54PM NZDT 0:49
17-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:04PM NZDT 07:55PM NZDT 0:51
17-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 03:48PM NZDT 04:25PM NZDT 0:36
17-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 03:38PM NZDT 04:24PM NZDT 0:46
17-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:26PM NZDT 02:15PM NZDT 0:49
17-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 12:03PM NZDT 12:48PM NZDT 0:45
17-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 11:54AM NZDT 12:51PM NZDT 0:57
17-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 10:09AM NZDT 10:58AM NZDT 0:48
17-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 07:20AM NZDT 07:53AM NZDT 0:32
17-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 07:13AM NZDT 08:00AM NZDT 0:47
16-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:36PM NZDT 07:25PM NZDT 0:49
16-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 05:16PM NZDT 05:57PM NZDT 0:41
16-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:23PM NZDT 02:11PM NZDT 0:47
16-Jan-2020 AT76Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:22PM NZDT 02:11PM NZDT 0:49
16-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 11:49AM NZDT 12:45PM NZDT 0:56
16-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 11:48AM NZDT 12:45PM NZDT 0:57
16-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 10:10AM NZDT 10:57AM NZDT 0:47
16-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 08:33AM NZDT 09:27AM NZDT 0:54
16-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 08:32AM NZDT 09:26AM NZDT 0:54
16-Jan-2020 AT72Invercargill ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:40AM NZDT 07:38AM NZDT 0:57
16-Jan-2020 AT76Invercargill ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:34AM NZDT 07:39AM NZDT 1:05
15-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Invercargill () 07:06PM NZDT 08:15PM NZDT 1:09
15-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Invercargill () 07:04PM NZDT 08:16PM NZDT 1:12
15-Jan-2020 AT72Rotorua ()Christchurch Int'l () 04:12PM NZDT 05:56PM NZDT 1:44
15-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Rotorua () 02:05PM NZDT 03:24PM NZDT 1:18
15-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Rotorua () 01:56PM NZDT 03:23PM NZDT 1:27
15-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 11:46AM NZDT 12:28PM NZDT 0:41
15-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 08:40AM NZDT 09:27AM NZDT 0:47
15-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 08:38AM NZDT 09:26AM NZDT 0:48
15-Jan-2020 AT76Hamilton Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:12AM NZDT 07:53AM NZDT 1:41
15-Jan-2020 AT72Hamilton Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:12AM NZDT 07:52AM NZDT 1:40
14-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 05:46PM NZDT 06:39PM NZDT 0:53
14-Jan-2020 AT76Wellington Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 05:46PM NZDT 06:40PM NZDT 0:54
14-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 04:13PM NZDT 05:03PM NZDT 0:49
14-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:39PM NZDT 02:25PM NZDT 0:45
14-Jan-2020 UnknownWellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:36PM NZDT 02:26PM NZDT 0:50
14-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:08PM NZDT 12:50PM NZDT 0:42
14-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:07PM NZDT 12:54PM NZDT 0:47
14-Jan-2020 AT76Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:09AM NZDT 08:55AM NZDT 0:46
14-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:04AM NZDT 08:55AM NZDT 0:51
14-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 06:39AM NZDT 07:30AM NZDT 0:51
14-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 06:39AM NZDT 07:31AM NZDT 0:52
13-Jan-2020 AT76Invercargill ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:16PM NZDT 07:20PM NZDT 1:04
13-Jan-2020 AT72Invercargill ()Christchurch Int'l () 06:16PM NZDT 07:20PM NZDT 1:04
13-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Invercargill () 04:28PM NZDT 05:42PM NZDT (?) 1:13
13-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:38PM NZDT 02:27PM NZDT 0:49
13-Jan-2020 UnknownWellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:37PM NZDT 02:29PM NZDT 0:52
13-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 11:26AM NZDT 12:09PM NZDT 0:42
13-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 11:15AM NZDT 12:09PM NZDT 0:54
13-Jan-2020 AT76Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:53AM NZDT 09:41AM NZDT 0:48
13-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:39AM NZDT 09:40AM NZDT 1:01
13-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 07:09AM NZDT 08:07AM NZDT 0:58
13-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 07:09AM NZDT 08:05AM NZDT 0:56
12-Jan-2020 AT76Nelson ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:45PM NZDT 08:28PM NZDT 0:43
12-Jan-2020 AT72Nelson ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:45PM NZDT 08:28PM NZDT 0:43
12-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Nelson () 06:28PM NZDT 07:08PM NZDT 0:40
12-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Nelson () 06:28PM NZDT 07:08PM NZDT 0:40
12-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 02:04PM NZDT 02:55PM NZDT 0:51
12-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 11:25AM NZDT 12:06PM NZDT 0:40
12-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 11:15AM NZDT 12:06PM NZDT 0:51
12-Jan-2020 AT76Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 09:07AM NZDT 09:57AM NZDT 0:50
12-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 09:03AM NZDT 09:56AM NZDT 0:52
11-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 05:19PM NZDT 05:50PM NZDT 0:30
11-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 05:12PM NZDT 05:57PM NZDT 0:45
11-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 02:43PM NZDT 03:31PM NZDT 0:47
11-Jan-2020 AT72Hamilton Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:58PM NZDT 01:59PM NZDT 1:00
11-Jan-2020 AT76Hamilton Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:58PM NZDT 02:04PM NZDT 1:06
11-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 10:09AM NZDT 11:40AM NZDT 1:31
11-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 10:09AM NZDT 11:41AM NZDT 1:32
11-Jan-2020 AT76Hamilton Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:43AM NZDT 09:25AM NZDT 1:42
11-Jan-2020 AT72Hamilton Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 07:39AM NZDT 09:24AM NZDT 1:45
10-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 06:11PM NZDT 06:57PM NZDT (?) 0:45
10-Jan-2020 AT76Wellington Int'l ()Hamilton Int'l () 06:04PM NZDT 07:01PM NZDT 0:57
10-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 04:17PM NZDT 05:12PM NZDT 0:54
10-Jan-2020 AT72Rotorua ()Christchurch Int'l () 12:16PM NZDT 02:03PM NZDT 1:47
10-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Rotorua () 10:07AM NZDT 11:30AM NZDT 1:23
10-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Rotorua () 10:07AM NZDT 11:29AM NZDT 1:22
10-Jan-2020 AT76Nelson ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:11AM NZDT 08:54AM NZDT 0:43
10-Jan-2020 AT72Nelson ()Christchurch Int'l () 08:10AM NZDT 08:55AM NZDT 0:45
10-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Nelson () 06:55AM NZDT 07:32AM NZDT 0:37
10-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Nelson () 06:55AM NZDT 07:33AM NZDT 0:38
08-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 05:33PM NZDT 06:19PM NZDT 0:46
08-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 04:16PM NZDT 04:59PM NZDT 0:43
08-Jan-2020 AT72Wellington Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 01:37PM NZDT 02:27PM NZDT 0:50
08-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:19PM NZDT 12:53PM NZDT 0:33
08-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Wellington Int'l () 12:10PM NZDT 12:58PM NZDT 0:48
08-Jan-2020 AT72Dunedin Int'l ()Christchurch Int'l () 10:10AM NZDT 10:55AM NZDT 0:45
08-Jan-2020 AT72Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 08:33AM NZDT 09:32AM NZDT 0:59
08-Jan-2020 AT76Christchurch Int'l ()Dunedin Int'l () 08:33AM NZDT 09:34AM NZDT 1:01
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