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Times and Time Zones

All times are in EDT time to prevent confusion due to time zone crossing. See the CSN3342 flight status page for this flight to view local times or setup timezone preferences in your user account.

Time (EDT)EDT LatitudeLat LongitudeLon Course DirectionDir kts mph feet Rate Reporting Facility
Tue 06:59:32 AM06:59AM 21.668821.67 108.9885108.99 321° NorthwestNW  Level Estimated
Tue 07:00:32 AM07:00AM 21.729321.73 108.9364108.94 321° NorthwestNW  Level Estimated
Tue 07:01:32 AM07:01AM 21.789921.79 108.8842108.88 321° NorthwestNW  Level Estimated
Tue 07:02:32 AM07:02AM 21.850421.85 108.8319108.83 321° NorthwestNW  Level Estimated
Tue 07:03:32 AM07:03AM 21.910921.91 108.7797108.78 321° NorthwestNW  Level Estimated


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