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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA43 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 45 minutes) Tue 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA41 B737 Scheduled (in 23 hours 17 minutes) Tue 04:30PM CST 05:17PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA39 B737 Scheduled (in 22 hours 45 minutes) Tue 04:00PM CST 05:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA37 B735 Scheduled (in 22 hours 15 minutes) Tue 03:30PM CST 04:35PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA35 B735 Scheduled (in 21 hours 45 minutes) Tue 03:00PM CST 04:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA31 B737 Scheduled (in 20 hours 45 minutes) Tue 02:00PM CST 03:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA27 B735 Scheduled (in 19 hours 45 minutes) Tue 01:00PM CST 02:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA23 B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 45 minutes) Tue 12:00PM CST 01:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA19 B735 Scheduled (in 17 hours 45 minutes) Tue 11:00AM CST 12:05PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA15 B735 Scheduled (in 16 hours 47 minutes) Tue 10:00AM CST 10:48AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA9 B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 45 minutes) Tue 09:00AM CST 10:05AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA7 B737 Scheduled (in 15 hours 15 minutes) Tue 08:30AM CST 09:35AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA3 B735 Scheduled (in 14 hours 15 minutes) Tue 07:30AM CST 08:35AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1 B733 Scheduled (in 13 hours 56 minutes) Tue 07:00AM CST 07:56AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA1628 B733 Scheduled (in 12 hours 55 minutes) Tue 06:00AM CST 06:55AM CST Tue
Southwest SWA61 B737 Scheduled (in 4 hours 15 minutes) Mon 09:30PM CST 10:35PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA59 B735 Scheduled (in 3 hours 45 minutes) Mon 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA55 B735 Scheduled (in 2 hours 45 minutes) Mon 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA51 B735 Scheduled (in 1 hours 45 minutes) Mon 07:00PM CST 08:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA47 B733 Scheduled (in 55 minutes) Mon 06:00PM CST 07:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA45 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Mon 05:30PM CST 06:35PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA43 B737 Scheduled/Delayed Mon 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA41 B737 En Route / On Time Mon 04:30PM CST 05:35PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA39 B737 Arrived Mon 04:00PM CST 05:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA37 B735 Arrived Mon 03:30PM CST 04:35PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA35 B735 Arrived Mon 03:00PM CST 04:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA31 B737 Arrived Mon 02:00PM CST 03:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA27 B733 Cancelled Mon 01:00PM CST 02:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA23 B737 Arrived Mon 12:00PM CST 01:05PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA19 B735 Arrived Mon 11:00AM CST 12:05PM CST Mon
Netjets Aviation &q EJA362 C680 Arrived Mon 10:00AM CST 03:57PM CST Mon
Southwest SWA15 B735 Arrived Mon 10:00AM CST 11:05AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA9 B737 Arrived Mon 09:00AM CST 10:05AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA7 B737 Arrived Mon 08:30AM CST 09:35AM CST Mon
Netjets Aviation &q EJA609 C56X Arrived Mon 07:48AM CST 08:48AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA3 B735 Arrived Mon 07:30AM CST 08:35AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1 B733 Arrived Mon 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA1628 B733 Arrived Mon 06:00AM CST 07:00AM CST Mon
Southwest SWA4327 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30PM CST 10:35PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA59 B735 Arrived Sun 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Sun
FREEMAN JET LLC N942RC LJ31 Arrived Sun 08:00PM CST 08:50PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA55 B735 Arrived Sun 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA51 B735 Arrived Sun 07:00PM CST 08:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA47 B735 Arrived Sun 05:59PM CST 07:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA45 B733 Arrived Sun 05:30PM CST 06:35PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA1456 B737 Arrived Sun 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA41 B737 Arrived Sun 04:30PM CST 05:35PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA39 B737 Arrived Sun 04:00PM CST 05:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA37 B735 Arrived Sun 03:30PM CST 04:35PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA35 B735 Arrived Sun 03:00PM CST 04:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA31 B737 Arrived Sun 02:00PM CST 03:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA27 B735 Arrived Sun 01:00PM CST 02:05PM CST Sun
GC Aviation "G GCT34 H25B Arrived Sun 12:00PM CST 01:24PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA2551 B737 Arrived Sun 12:00PM CST 01:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA19 B735 Arrived Sun 11:00AM CST 12:05PM CST Sun
Southwest SWA4061 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30AM CST 10:35AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA4061 B737 Arrived Sun 09:30AM CST 10:31AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA9 B737 Arrived Sun 09:00AM CST 10:05AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA7 B737 Arrived Sun 08:30AM CST 09:35AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA613 B733 Arrived Sun 08:00AM CST 09:05AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA3 B737 Cancelled Sun 07:30AM CST 08:35AM CST Sun
Southwest SWA2440 B735 Arrived Sat 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA53 B733 Arrived Sat 07:30PM CST 08:35PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2402 B733 Arrived Sat 05:59PM CST 07:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2436 B733 Arrived Sat 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2436 B735 Arrived Sat 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Sat
Netjets Aviation &q EJA307 C680 Arrived Sat 03:30PM CST 05:45PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2427 B737 Cancelled Sat 03:00PM CST 04:05PM CST Sat
BIRDWELL EQUIPMENT N525MP C25B Arrived Sat 03:00PM CST 06:28PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA4668 B737 Arrived Sat 02:00PM CST 03:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3287 B737 Arrived Sat 01:00PM CST 02:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA580 B735 Arrived Sat 12:00PM CST 01:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA4314 B737 Arrived Sat 11:00AM CST 12:05PM CST Sat
Southwest SWA3148 B735 Arrived Sat 10:00AM CST 11:05AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA4174 B735 Arrived Sat 09:00AM CST 10:05AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA2323 B733 Arrived Sat 07:30AM CST 08:35AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA8502 B737 Arrived Sat 12:15AM CST 01:01AM CST Sat
Southwest SWA61 B737 Arrived Fri 09:30PM CST 10:35PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA59 B735 Arrived Fri 09:00PM CST 10:00PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA55 B735 Arrived Fri 08:00PM CST 09:00PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA9023 B735 Arrived Fri 07:00PM CST 10:57PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA47 B735 Arrived Fri 05:59PM CST 07:05PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA45 B733 Arrived Fri 05:30PM CST 06:35PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA43 B737 Arrived Fri 05:00PM CST 06:05PM CST Fri
ISLAND AVIATION INC N950H FA50 Arrived Fri 04:00PM CST 05:35PM CST Fri
MJM AVIATION LLC N510JC C550 Arrived Fri 12:00PM CST 11:18AM CST Fri
CALEDON AVIATION LL N552TL LJ55 Arrived Fri 12:00PM CST 12:29PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA23 B737 Arrived Fri 12:00PM CST 01:05PM CST Fri
BIRDWELL EQUIPMENT N525MP C25B Arrived Fri 10:30AM CST 12:27PM CST Fri
Southwest SWA15 B735 Arrived Fri 10:00AM CST 11:05AM CST Fri
3 LONE STARS LLC N438CR BE20 Arrived Fri 09:00AM CST 09:58AM CST Fri
Southwest SWA1 B733 Arrived Fri 07:00AM CST 08:05AM CST Fri
Southwest SWA1628 B733 Arrived Fri 06:00AM CST 07:00AM CST Fri
MEREGRASS INC N814BB SB20 Arrived Thu 10:15PM CST 12:05AM CST Fri
Southwest SWA61 B737 Arrived Thu 09:30PM CST 10:35PM CST Thu
Southwest SWA51 B735 Arrived Thu 07:00PM CST 08:05PM CST Thu
Southwest SWA9029 B737 Arrived Thu 02:00PM CST 03:04PM CST Thu
JPMORGAN CHASE BANK N520RP CL30 Arrived Thu 08:00AM CST 09:03AM CST Thu
Flight Options &quo OPT338 E55P Arrived Thu 06:45AM CST 08:22AM CST Thu
WOOD ASG LLC N28QA C525 Arrived Thu 06:00AM CST 07:15AM CST Thu
TAILWINDS LLC N575GH LJ55 Arrived Thu 04:00AM CST 04:27AM CST Thu
Southwest SWA9019 B733 Arrived Wed 02:00PM CST 03:25PM CST Wed
C&T AIRCRAFT HO N807CT C550 Arrived Wed 01:00PM CST 03:45PM CST Wed
Netjets Aviation &q EJA871 H25B Arrived Wed 11:15AM CST 02:37PM CST Wed
Netjets Aviation &q EJA384 C680 Arrived Wed 11:00AM CST 12:03PM CST Wed
Executive AirShare XSR669 E50P Arrived Wed 09:15AM CST 10:34AM CST Wed
TSTI LC N300XL WW24 Arrived Wed 04:00AM CST 06:15AM CST Wed
Executive Jet Manag EJM451 LJ45 Arrived Tue 08:00PM CST 08:36PM CST Tue
ATM AVIATION SERVIC N44MQ C650 Arrived Tue 07:45PM CST 09:55PM CST Tue
Netjets Aviation &q EJA579 C56X Arrived Tue 05:51PM CST 07:14PM CST Tue
Southwest SWA9018 B733 Arrived Tue 05:00PM CST 06:06PM CST Tue
Executive AirShare XSR600 E50P Arrived Tue 02:30PM CST 03:53PM CST Tue
JET AIR INC N26GP LJ35 Arrived Tue 01:10PM CST 02:01PM CST Tue
TCN TRANSPORT 300 L N235EE E55P Arrived Tue 07:45AM CST 09:28AM CST Tue