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Airline Ident Aircraft Status Departure Arrival
Southwest SWA4730 B733 Scheduled (in 22 hours 53 minutes) Thu 12:15PM CDT 12:58PM CDT Thu
Virgin America VRD445 A319 Scheduled (in 22 hours 27 minutes) Thu 11:55AM CDT 12:34PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA4547 B735 Scheduled (in 21 hours 43 minutes) Thu 11:15AM CDT 12:05PM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA766 B737 Scheduled (in 19 hours 43 minutes) Thu 09:15AM CDT 10:10AM CDT Thu
Virgin America VRD441 A319 Scheduled (in 19 hours 22 minutes) Thu 08:50AM CDT 09:29AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA4742 B737 Scheduled (in 18 hours 3 minutes) Thu 07:35AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA622 B737 Scheduled (in 16 hours 28 minutes) Thu 06:00AM CDT 06:50AM CDT Thu
Southwest SWA340 B737 Scheduled (in 9 hours 23 minutes) Wed 10:25PM CDT 11:15PM CDT Wed
Virgin America VRD453 A319 Scheduled (in 7 hours 33 minutes) Wed 09:05PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA391 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 08:35PM CDT 09:25PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4191 B735 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 06:05PM CDT 06:55PM CDT Wed
Virgin America VRD449 A319 Scheduled (in 4 hours 28 minutes) Wed 06:00PM CDT 06:50PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA207 B733 Scheduled/Delayed Wed 04:20PM CDT 05:10PM CDT Wed
Virgin America VRD733 A319 Scheduled (in 1 hours 23 minutes) Wed 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA3576 B737 Scheduled (in 1 hours 23 minutes) Wed 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Wed
MOSBY GROUP LLC N703BM TBM7 Scheduled Wed 01:20PM CDT 02:21PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4730 B733 result unknown Wed 12:15PM CDT 01:05PM CDT Wed
Virgin America VRD445 A319 Arrived Wed 11:55AM CDT 12:45PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4547 B735 Arrived Wed 11:15AM CDT 12:05PM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA766 B737 Arrived Wed 09:15AM CDT 10:10AM CDT Wed
Virgin America VRD441 A319 Cancelled Wed 08:50AM CDT 09:40AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA4742 B737 Arrived Wed 07:35AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA8501 B733 Arrived Wed 07:20AM CDT 09:50AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA622 B737 Arrived Wed 06:00AM CDT 06:50AM CDT Wed
Southwest SWA340 B737 Cancelled Tue 10:25PM CDT 11:15PM CDT Tue
Virgin America VRD453 A319 Cancelled Tue 09:05PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA391 B733 Arrived Tue 08:35PM CDT 09:25PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA4191 B735 Arrived Tue 06:05PM CDT 06:55PM CDT Tue
Virgin America VRD449 A319 Arrived Tue 06:00PM CDT 06:50PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA207 B733 Arrived Tue 04:20PM CDT 05:10PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA3576 B737 Arrived Tue 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Tue
Virgin America VRD733 A319 Cancelled Tue 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA4730 B733 Arrived Tue 12:15PM CDT 01:05PM CDT Tue
Virgin America VRD445 A319 Arrived Tue 11:55AM CDT 12:45PM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA4547 B735 Arrived Tue 11:15AM CDT 12:05PM CDT Tue
Flight Options &quo OPT337 E55P Arrived Tue 10:42AM CDT 11:45AM CDT Tue
HOAK TRAVEL INC N900H CL60 Arrived Tue 10:00AM CDT 11:32AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA766 B737 Arrived Tue 09:15AM CDT 10:10AM CDT Tue
Virgin America VRD441 A319 Arrived Tue 08:50AM CDT 09:40AM CDT Tue
B&H AIR LLC N23SP PRM1 Arrived Tue 08:30AM CDT 09:46AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA4742 B737 Arrived Tue 07:35AM CDT 08:25AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA622 B737 Arrived Tue 06:00AM CDT 06:50AM CDT Tue
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL918 LJ45 Arrived Tue 05:00AM CDT 06:44AM CDT Tue
Southwest SWA925 B737 Arrived Mon 10:25PM CDT 11:15PM CDT Mon
Virgin America VRD453 A319 Arrived Mon 09:05PM CDT 09:55PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA1090 B733 Arrived Mon 08:35PM CDT 09:25PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA3963 B735 Arrived Mon 06:00PM CDT 06:50PM CDT Mon
Virgin America VRD449 A319 Cancelled Mon 06:00PM CDT 06:50PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA119 B737 Arrived Mon 04:35PM CDT 09:02PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA119 B737 Arrived Mon 04:35PM CDT 05:25PM CDT Mon
Virgin America VRD733 A319 Diverted Mon 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA544 B737 Arrived Mon 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Mon
Southwest SWA1090 B733 Arrived Sun 08:35PM CDT 09:25PM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA2448 B737 Arrived Sun 06:00PM CDT 06:50PM CDT Sun
CJN LEASING LLC N59JN C25A Arrived Sun 04:52PM CDT 04:40PM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA207 B737 Arrived Sun 04:10PM CDT 05:00PM CDT Sun
FLINT HILLS EQUIPME N9898 BE20 Arrived Sun 04:00PM CDT 04:54PM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA1055 B737 Arrived Sun 03:00PM CDT 03:50PM CDT Sun
NetJets Aviation &q EJA737P GALX Arrived Sun 07:42AM CDT 08:02AM CDT Sun
Southwest SWA1932 B733 Arrived Sat 05:10PM CDT 06:00PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1932 B733 Arrived Sat 05:10PM CDT 06:49PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA3494 B737 Arrived Sat 04:34PM CDT 03:30PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA3581 B737 Arrived Sat 03:00PM CDT 03:55PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1330 B737 Arrived Sat 01:10PM CDT 02:00PM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1445 B735 Arrived Sat 10:35AM CDT 11:30AM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA1564 B735 Arrived Sat 07:15AM CDT 08:05AM CDT Sat
NetJets Aviation &q EJA357 C680 Arrived Sat 07:00AM CDT 07:50AM CDT Sat
Southwest SWA340 B737 Arrived Fri 10:25PM CDT 11:15PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA391 B733 Arrived Fri 08:35PM CDT 09:25PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA4191 B735 Arrived Fri 06:05PM CDT 06:55PM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA3576 B737 Arrived Fri 02:55PM CDT 03:45PM CDT Fri
ZAVALA AIRLINES LLC N4776M BE9L Arrived Fri 01:30PM CDT 02:31PM CDT Fri
TCAS ENTERPRISES LL N791EB BE20 Arrived Fri 10:00AM CDT 12:20PM CDT Fri
NATIONS FUND I LLC N472LX BE40 Arrived Fri 08:40AM CDT 09:25AM CDT Fri
Central Air Southwe CTL11 AC50 Arrived Thu 10:50PM CDT 12:44AM CDT Fri
Southwest SWA9008 B737 Arrived Thu 06:05PM CDT 07:15PM CDT Thu
Harco Aviation, LLC HRC228 FA50 Arrived Thu 04:30PM CDT 05:49PM CDT Thu
Flexjet "FLEXJ LXJ619 LJ40 Arrived Thu 01:30PM CDT 02:48PM CDT Thu
RED NICHOLS LLC N421PJ C421 Arrived Thu 12:00PM CDT 01:03PM CDT Thu
Jet Linx Aviation L JTL909 C56X Arrived Thu 08:40AM CDT 01:20PM CDT Thu
WELLS FARGO BANK NO N281SE P46T Arrived Wed 06:00PM CDT 07:43PM CDT Wed
INDEPENDENCE AVIATI N672PP C680 Arrived Wed 03:30PM CDT 04:56PM CDT Wed
BOARD OF REGENTS N454TB B350 Arrived Wed 02:00PM CDT 03:06PM CDT Wed


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