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Scheduled Departures: Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport (Quanzhou, Fujian) [ZSQZ]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ORN694873FShenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Tue 04:10AM CSTTue 04:50AM CST
ORN693073FWuxi ()Tue 05:00AM CSTTue 06:40AM CST
CXA8543B738Zhoushan ()Tue 07:00AM CSTTue 08:15AM CST
CXA8539B738Zhoushan ()Tue 07:10AM CSTTue 09:55AM CST
CXA8487B738Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Tue 07:30AM CSTTue 09:05AM CST
CXA8267B738Jinan Yaoqiang ()Tue 07:45AM CSTTue 09:40AM CST
CXA8473B738Guiyang Longdongbao ()Tue 07:45AM CSTTue 10:00AM CST
CSZ9781A320Wuxi ()Tue 08:00AM CSTTue 09:40AM CST
CXA8221B738Nanjing Lukou Int'l ()Tue 08:10AM CSTTue 09:35AM CST
CSZ9091A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 08:30AM CSTTue 09:40AM HKT
FEA4202MD80Kinmen ()Tue 08:30AM CSTTue 09:20AM CST
CXA8213B738Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Tue 08:30AM CSTTue 10:40AM CST
CXA8385B738Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Tue 08:30AM CSTTue 09:55AM CST
CSZ9797A320Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Tue 08:40AM CSTTue 11:10AM CST
CXA8057B738Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 08:55AM CSTTue 10:40AM CST
CSZ9995A320Zhoushan ()Tue 08:55AM CSTTue 10:10AM CST
CXA859B738Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Tue 09:10AM CSTTue 10:35AM CST
FEA4212MD80Kinmen ()Tue 09:20AM CSTTue 10:10AM CST
CQH8910A320Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l ()Tue 09:25AM CSTTue 10:50AM CST
CHH7029B738Xuzhou ()Tue 09:40AM CSTTue 11:25AM CST
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