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Arrivals: Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport (Shanghai) [ZSPD]
CSN3515A320Haikou Meilan Int'l ()Sat 09:35AM CSTSat 11:51AM CST
EVA712B77WTaiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sat 10:29AM CSTSat 11:49AM CST
DKH1144A321Guiyang Longdongbao ()Sat 09:55AM CSTSat 11:48AM CST
CRK236A332Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 09:58AM HKTSat 11:43AM CST
CSN6533A321Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Sat 10:10AM CSTSat 11:43AM CST
NCA615Narita Int'l ()Sat 09:26AM JSTSat 11:38AM CST
SAS997A343Copenhagen ()Fri 06:54PM CETSat 11:35AM CST
CQH8844A320Dalian Zhoushuizi Int'l ()Sat 09:57AM CSTSat 11:35AM CST
CCA158B738Narita Int'l ()Sat 09:20AM JSTSat 11:35AM CST
DKH1376A320Jeju Int'l ()Sat 10:51AM KSTSat 11:34AM CST
CSN6505A320Shenyang Taoxian Int'l ()Sat 09:22AM CSTSat 11:33AM CST
CHH7119B738Haikou Meilan Int'l ()Sat 09:17AM CSTSat 11:32AM CST
HDA864A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 09:28AM HKTSat 11:30AM CST
CES730A321Kansai Int'l ()Sat 09:54AM JSTSat 11:27AM CST
DLH728A388Frankfurt Int'l ()Fri 06:21PM CETSat 11:25AM CST
CSN3289B738Nanning Wuxu Int'l ()Sat 09:15AM CSTSat 11:25AM CST
CSN6753A321Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Sat 08:52AM CSTSat 11:20AM CST
DKH7303Near Yinchuan, NingxiaSat 08:39AM CSTSat 11:15AM CST
CPA368A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 09:22AM HKTSat 11:13AM CST
CES747A332Kunming Changshui Int'l ()Sat 08:58AM CSTSat 11:11AM CST
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