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Scheduled Departures: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l Airport (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) [ZSHC]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ORN695673FWuhan Tianhe ()Thu 06:05AM CSTThu 07:35AM CST
ORN698873FJinan Yaoqiang ()Thu 06:10AM CSTThu 07:45AM CST
ORN690873FChangsha Huanghua Int'l ()Thu 05:55AM CSTThu 07:55AM CST
ORN685873FWeifang ()Thu 06:20AM CSTThu 07:55AM CST
YZR7970B733Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Thu 06:50AM CSTThu 08:00AM CST
CDC870273FZhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Thu 06:25AM CSTThu 08:05AM CST
CDC870873FShantou ()Thu 06:30AM CSTThu 08:10AM CST
YZR7966B733Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Thu 06:05AM CSTThu 08:15AM CST
ORN692673FNanning Wuxu Int'l ()Thu 05:45AM CSTThu 08:20AM CST
YZR7954B733Xi'an Xianyang Int'l ()Thu 06:25AM CSTThu 08:20AM CST
ORN698573FHohhot Baita Int'l ()Thu 06:00AM CSTThu 08:35AM CST
CDC871073FChangchun Longjia Int'l ()Thu 05:55AM CSTThu 08:45AM CST
CXA823B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Thu 07:55AM CSTThu 08:58AM CST
CCA1757A319Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Thu 07:25AM CSTThu 09:00AM CST
ORN686473FShenyang Taoxian Int'l ()Thu 06:40AM CSTThu 09:05AM CST
CCA1787A320Dashuipo ()Thu 07:40AM CSTThu 09:15AM CST
CXA8187B738Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Thu 07:50AM CSTThu 09:30AM CST
CHH7830B738Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Thu 07:45AM CSTThu 09:30AM CST
CSC8953A320Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Thu 08:05AM CSTThu 09:40AM CST
CCA1731A321Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l ()Thu 07:35AM CSTThu 09:40AM CST
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