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Arrivals: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l Airport (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) [ZSHC]
TLM8034Phuket Int'l ()Thu 08:35AM +07Thu 02:15PM CST
CSN3757Nanning Wuxu Int'l ()Thu 01:33PM CSTThu 03:34PM CST
ANA951Kansai Int'l ()Thu 01:28PM JSTThu 03:08PM CST
CSN6919Urumqi Diwopu Int'l ()Thu 09:41AM CSTThu 02:02PM CST
B-8216Macau Int'l ()Thu 05:31PM CSTThu 07:42PM CST
SJY1186Ngurah Rai/Bali Intl ()Thu 10:06AM WITAThu 04:14PM CST
CXA8610Wuhan Tianhe ()Thu 03:43PM CSTThu 04:53PM CST
HBH3306Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Thu 02:23PM CSTThu 03:29PM CST
B-8308Kansai Int'l ()Thu 12:48PM JSTThu 02:49PM CST
VP-CJRNew Chitose ()Thu 03:08PM JSTThu 05:59PM CST
CXA8088Harbin Taiping Int'l ()Thu 08:22PM CSTThu 11:15PM CST
CSN3925Wuhan Tianhe ()Thu 04:17PM CSTThu 05:24PM CST
CSN6381Guiyang Longdongbao ()Thu 02:25PM CSTThu 04:15PM CST
CSN6951Xining Caojiabu ()Thu 02:48PM CSTThu 05:40PM CST
CXA8622Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Thu 09:49PM CSTFri 12:17AM CST
PAL8376Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Thu 07:18PM +08Thu 10:52PM CST
CXA8174Qingdao Liuting Int'l ()Thu 06:44PM CSTThu 08:02PM CST
VJC5346Near Nha TrangThu 03:39PM +07Thu 07:51PM CST
CXA8482Chongqing Jiangbei Int'l ()Thu 04:46PM CSTThu 06:37PM CST
CSN3541Wuhan Tianhe ()Thu 11:32AM CSTThu 12:40PM CST
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