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Cancelled Arrivals: Kunming Changshui Int'l Airport (Kunming, Yunnan) [ZPPP]
CES5912737Xishuangbanna Gasa ()Mon 12:40AM CST
CES5932737Diqing Shangri-La ()Sat 11:45PM CST
CES2705A320Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Sat 07:40PM CST
CES2586B735Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Fri 07:50PM ICT
CES5962737Lincang ()Fri 11:05AM CST
RLH6536B737Guilin Liangjiang Int'l ()Fri 01:00AM CST
LKE9992727Lanzhou ()Thu 11:55PM CST
CCA1401B738Tianjin Binhai Int'l ()Thu 07:05PM CST
LKE9940727Wuhan Tianhe ()Thu 09:50AM CST
CES5816737Liupanshui Yuezhao ()Wed 12:05PM CST
LKE9903737Xishuangbanna Gasa ()Wed 12:45AM CST
CES5952737Tengchong Tuofeng ()Tue 08:25PM CST
CES5960737Lincang ()Tue 06:25PM CST
RLH6530B738Taiyuan Wusu ()Tue 05:55PM CST
CDG8885B738Urumqi Diwopu Int'l ()Tue 12:20AM CST
LKE9992727Lanzhou ()Tue 12:05AM CST
CES5960737Lincang ()Mon 06:25PM CST
RLH6508B737Luxi Mangshi ()Mon 03:05PM CST
KNA8282B737Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sun 10:00PM CST
CES9732737Lhasa Gonggar ()Sun 09:10PM CST
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