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En Route/Scheduled to YBCS Cairns Int'l Airport (Cairns, Queensland) [YBCS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VOZ773B738Brisbane ()Sat 07:11AM AESTSat 07:05AM AESTSat 09:05AM AEST
JST944A321Melbourne Tullamarine ()Sat 06:14AM AESTSat 06:18AM AESTSat 09:09AM AEST
QFA798B738Brisbane ()Sat 07:44AM AESTSat 07:45AM AESTSat 09:47AM AEST
SLK811B38MSingapore Changi ()Sat 01:10AM +08Sat 01:20AM +08Sat 10:05AM AEST
QFA924B738Sydney ()Sat 07:51AM AESTSat 07:50AM AESTSat 10:26AM AEST
ANG90F100Port Moresby/Jackson Int'l ()Sat 09:30AM +10Sat 10:31AM AEST
QLK2504DH8DHamilton Island ()Sat 09:50AM AESTSat 10:45AM AEST
QLK2302DH8DTownsville Int'l / RAAF ()Sat 10:00AM AESTSat 10:46AM AEST
JST960A320Adelaide Int'l ()Sat 07:55AM ACSTSat 07:51AM ACSTSat 10:53AM AEST
JST930A320Brisbane ()Sat 08:50AM AESTSat 11:08AM AEST
TGG582A320Melbourne Tullamarine ()Sat 08:29AM AESTSat 08:32AM AESTSat 11:24AM AEST
ANO160E170Gove ()Sat 09:30AM ACSTSat 11:35AM AEST
VOZ779B738Brisbane ()Sat 09:40AM AESTSat 11:36AM AEST
VOZ1413B738Sydney ()Sat 08:59AM AESTSat 09:03AM AESTSat 11:39AM AEST
TGG678A320Sydney ()Sat 09:10AM AESTSat 11:46AM AEST
QLK2489DH8DHorn Island ()Sat 10:40AM AESTSat 11:54AM AEST
QFA702B738Melbourne Tullamarine ()Sat 09:10AM AESTSat 12:11PM AEST
VOZ1291B738Melbourne Tullamarine ()Sat 08:55AM AESTSat 12:19PM AEST
QFA922B738Sydney ()Sat 09:45AM AESTSat 12:21PM AEST
ANZ775A320Auckland ()Sat 09:10AM NZSTSat 12:35PM AEST
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