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En Route/Scheduled to YBCS Cairns Int'l Airport (Cairns, Queensland) [YBCS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VA9587AB462Townsville Int'l / RAAF ()Fri 07:35AM AESTFri 08:16AM AEST
RWY15ISR71Port Douglas Seaplane Base ()Fri 10:00AM AESTFri 10:07AM AEST
VH-PQXC208Aurukun ()Fri 09:30AM AESTFri 11:23AM AEST
VOZ1413B738Sydney ()Fri 08:58AM AESTFri 09:01AM AESTFri 11:37AM AEST
CRK16A333Gold Coast ()Fri 09:43AM AESTFri 09:44AM AESTFri 11:43AM AEST
FD447BE20Cairns Int'l ()Fri 11:00AM AESTFri 11:43AM AEST
QLK2312DH8DTownsville Int'l / RAAF ()Fri 11:30AM AESTFri 11:47AM AEST
VOZ779B738Brisbane ()Fri 09:52AM AESTFri 09:49AM AESTFri 11:48AM AEST
QLK2489DH8DHorn Island ()Fri 10:33AM AESTFri 10:30AM AESTFri 11:49AM AEST
VH-DNKC208Cairns Int'l ()Fri 11:10AM AESTFri 11:18AM AESTFri 11:49AM AEST
QJE1752B712Brisbane ()Fri 09:59AM AESTFri 09:57AM AESTFri 11:53AM AEST
VOZ1291B738Melbourne Tullamarine ()Fri 08:55AM AESTFri 09:05AM AESTFri 11:58AM AEST
QFA970DH8DTownsville Int'l / RAAF ()Fri 11:31AM AESTFri 11:22AM AESTFri 12:06PM AEST
VH-PGVB06Green Island Seaplane Base ()Fri 12:00PM AESTFri 12:11PM AEST
HND681C404Pormpuraaw ()Fri 11:05AM AESTFri 10:43AM AESTFri 12:22PM AEST
QFA702B738Melbourne Tullamarine ()Fri 09:30AM AESTFri 09:32AM AESTFri 12:25PM AEST
VH-NBRB06Green Island Seaplane Base ()Fri 12:30PM AESTFri 12:40PM AEST
SKP9170DH8ATownsville Int'l / RAAF ()Fri 12:00PM AESTFri 12:49PM AEST
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