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Departures: Cairns Int'l Airport (Cairns, Queensland) [YBCS]
Arrival Time
VH-DULR44Raddison Pier Seaplane Base ()Sat 09:18AM AESTSat 09:21AM AESTSat 09:20AM AEST
JST967A320Gold Coast ()Sat 09:13AM AESTSat 11:09AM AEST
VH-ZDMAS50Cairns Int'l ()Sat 08:59AM AESTSat 09:32AM AEST
VH-ZVYEC30Cairns Int'l ()Sat 08:59AM AESTSat 09:30AM AESTSat 09:00AM AEST
QLK2305DH8DTownsville Int'l / RAAF ()Sat 08:48AM AESTSat 09:25AM AEST
CPA103A333Brisbane ()Sat 08:46AM AESTSat 10:19AM AEST
QLK2488DH8DHorn Island ()Sat 08:37AM AESTSat 10:03AM AEST
VH-NGSC208Hicks Island ()Sat 08:32AM AESTSat 10:37AM AEST
VH-WZSPA31Karumba ()Sat 08:26AM AESTSat 10:15AM AEST
QJE1949B712Alice Springs ()Sat 08:23AM AESTSat 09:54AM ACST
VH-THOC172Cairns Int'l ()Sat 08:06AM AESTSat 08:41AM AESTSat 08:41AM AEST
QLK2503DH8DHamilton Island ()Sat 08:02AM AESTSat 08:56AM AESTSat 08:56AM AEST
VH-VHUB407Middle Cay Seaplane Base ()Sat 07:55AM AESTSat 08:07AM AESTSat 08:04AM AEST
VH-NOQGA8Cairns Int'l ()Sat 07:53AM AESTSat 08:32AM AESTSat 08:32AM AEST
VH-PTXC208Cairns Int'l ()Sat 07:36AM AESTSat 09:57AM AESTSat 07:56AM AEST
QJE1851B712Ayers Rock ()Sat 07:33AM AESTSat 09:35AM ACST
VH-YJIAC50Lockhart River ()Sat 07:30AM AESTSat 09:10AM AESTSat 09:10AM AEST
JST953A320Sydney ()Sat 07:22AM AESTSat 09:47AM AEST
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