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Scheduled Departures: Kuala Lumpur Int'l Airport (Sepang, Selangor) [WMKK]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AXM6308A320Langkawi Int'l ()Sat 06:55AM +08Sat 07:51AM +08
AXM854A320Chiang Mai Int'l ()Sat 06:55AM +08Sat 08:30AM +07
AXM6224A320Sultan Mahmud Int'l ()Sat 07:00AM +08Sat 07:51AM +08
AXM6012A320Sultan Abdul Halim ()Sat 07:00AM +08Sat 07:55AM +08
AXM520A320Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sat 07:05AM +08Sat 07:55AM +07
AXM138A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 07:10AM +08Sat 10:55AM HKT
AXM866A320Krabi ()Sat 07:10AM +08Sat 07:20AM +07
AXM5176A320RMAF Labuan ()Sat 07:20AM +08Sat 09:40AM +08
AXM828A320Phuket Int'l ()Sat 07:25AM +08Sat 07:35AM +07
MXD324B738Ngurah Rai/Bali Intl ()Sat 07:30AM +08Sat 10:25AM WITA
AXM391A320Kuala Namu International ()Sat 07:35AM +08Sat 07:25AM +07
AXM6432A320Sultan Ismail Petra ()Sat 07:35AM +08Sat 08:30AM +08
LNI287B739Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta Int'l ()Sat 07:40AM +08Sat 09:48AM WIB
AXM403A320Minangkabau Int'l (replaced Tabing) ()Sat 07:50AM +08Sat 07:50AM WIB
XAX504A330Incheon Int'l ()Sat 08:00AM +08Sat 03:10PM KST
AXM6124A320Penang Int'l ()Sat 08:05AM +08Sat 08:55AM +08
RNA416B752Tribhuvan Int'l ()Sat 08:05AM +08Sat 12:44PM +0545
MXD1008B738Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Sat 08:15AM +08Sat 10:35AM +08
MXD563B738Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sat 08:15AM +08Sat 09:15AM +07
AXM880A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sat 08:20AM +08Sat 09:20AM +07
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