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Arrivals: Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport (Tangerang, Banten, Jakarta) [WIII]
GIA71B738Radin Inten II (Branti) ()Fri 08:00AM CXTFri 08:37AM WIB
LNI673B739Sepinggan Int'l ()Fri 09:09AM WITAFri 08:36AM WIB
CTV9534A320Bulutumbang ()Fri 01:10AM UTCFri 08:34AM WIB
GIA233B738Achmad Yani Int'l ()Fri 07:53AM WIBFri 08:34AM WIB
GIA623B738Mutiara ()Fri 07:31AM WITAFri 08:32AM WIB
GIA171B738Sultan Syarif Qasim II Int'l (Simpang Tiga) ()Fri 07:05AM CXTFri 08:29AM WIB
SJY185B738Supadio ()Fri 09:00AM WITAFri 08:27AM WIB
GIA607B738Sam Ratulangi Int'l ()Fri 06:30AM WITAFri 08:20AM WIB
LNI771B738Sam Ratulangi Int'l ()Fri 08:00AM WITAFri 08:13AM WIB
SIA952B773Singapore Changi ()Fri 07:54AM SGTFri 08:12AM WIB
LNI1341B739Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II ()Fri 07:15AM WIBFri 08:09AM WIB
LNI393B739Sultan Syarif Qasim II Int'l (Simpang Tiga) ()Fri 07:03AM CXTFri 08:05AM WIB
LNI561B739Adisucipto Int'l ()Fri 07:26AM CXTFri 08:03AM WIB
GIA823B738Singapore Changi ()Fri 07:40AM SGTFri 08:01AM WIB
GIA401B738Ngurah Rai/Bali Intl ()Fri 07:35AM WITAFri 07:59AM WIB
AXM380A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Fri 07:18AM MYTFri 07:58AM WIB
QTR958B788Hamad Int'l ()Thu 07:39PM ASTFri 07:55AM WIB
CTV715A320Sultan Hasanuddin Int'l ()Fri 07:39AM WITAFri 07:52AM WIB
GIA533B738Syamsudin Noor ()Fri 07:31AM WITAFri 07:50AM WIB
GIA181B738Kuala Namu International ()Fri 05:45AM ICTFri 07:46AM WIB
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