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Scheduled Departures: Chiang Mai Int'l Airport (Chiang Mai) [VTCC]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
BKP248A320Phuket Int'l ()Fri 02:30PM +07Fri 04:30PM +07
CSN8328B738Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Fri 02:40PM +07Fri 05:56PM CST
AIQ408A320Hat Yai Int'l ()Fri 02:50PM +07Fri 04:51PM +07
AXM857A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Fri 03:10PM +07Fri 07:17PM +08
LAO636AT72Luang Prabang Int'l ()Fri 03:15PM +07Fri 04:05PM +07
THA111A330Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 03:20PM +07Fri 04:25PM +07
AIQ3434A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 03:30PM +07Fri 04:35PM +07
CES206A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Fri 03:35PM +07Fri 08:15PM CST
THD169A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 03:40PM +07Fri 04:31PM +07
TLM513Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 03:45PM +07Fri 04:50PM +07
AIQ3074A320Krabi ()Fri 04:00PM +07Fri 05:52PM +07
BKP239AT72Mae Hong Son ()Fri 04:15PM +07Fri 04:52PM +07
BKP725AT72Mandalay Int'l ()Fri 04:30PM +07Fri 05:20PM +0630
AIQ3446A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 04:35PM +07Fri 05:38PM +07
PIC430A320 ()Fri 04:55PM +07Fri 11:25AM UTC
TLM515737Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 05:10PM +07Fri 06:20PM +07
BKP226A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 05:15PM +07Fri 06:25PM +07
THD165A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Fri 05:25PM +07Fri 06:16PM +07
AIQ3432A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Fri 05:30PM +07Fri 06:35PM +07
SLK705B738Singapore Changi ()Fri 05:40PM +07Fri 09:35PM +08
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