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En Route/Scheduled to VTBS Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l Airport (Bangkok) [VTBS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
MMA335A320Yangon Int'l ()Sat 07:30AM +0630Sat 09:14AM +07
THD244A320Krabi ()Sat 09:40AM +07Sat 10:35AM +07
THA282B734Samui ()Sat 09:45AM +07Sat 09:51AM +07Sat 10:41AM +07
CXA853B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Sat 08:35AM CSTSat 09:39AM CSTSat 10:41AM +07
BKP302AT72Trat ()Sat 10:00AM +07Sat 10:00AM +07Sat 10:44AM +07
THA637Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sat 07:40AM CSTSat 08:14AM CSTSat 10:46AM +07
THD252A320Surat Thani ()Sat 10:00AM +07Sat 10:10AM +07Sat 10:48AM +07
TGW606A320Singapore Changi ()Sat 09:30AM +08Sat 09:30AM +08Sat 10:50AM +07
BKP216A320Chiang Mai Int'l ()Sat 10:00AM +07Sat 09:59AM +07Sat 10:51AM +07
BKP232A320Chiang Rai Int'l ()Sat 10:00AM +07Sat 09:56AM +07Sat 10:54AM +07
SVR873A320Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sat 06:15AM CSTSat 07:03AM CSTSat 10:55AM +07
BKP924A320Angkor Int'l ()Sat 09:50AM +07Sat 10:19AM +07Sat 10:55AM +07
BKP124A319Samui ()Sat 09:55AM +07Sat 10:09AM +07Sat 10:57AM +07
LAO223AT72Pakse ()Sat 09:25AM +07Sat 09:49AM +07Sat 10:59AM +07
THA581A330Phnom Penh Int'l (Pochentong Int'l) ()Sat 10:10AM +07Sat 10:04AM +07Sat 11:00AM +07
SIA972B772Singapore Changi ()Sat 09:45AM +08Sat 10:04AM +08Sat 11:03AM +07
THD43A320Khon Kaen ()Sat 10:30AM +07Sat 11:06AM +07
THA675A330Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sat 06:50AM CSTSat 07:19AM CSTSat 11:07AM +07
HVN611A321Noi Bai Int'l ()Sat 09:15AM +07Sat 09:32AM +07Sat 11:08AM +07
CPA619A359Hong Kong Int'l ()Sat 09:10AM HKTSat 09:18AM HKTSat 11:10AM +07
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