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Departures: Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l Airport (Bangkok) [VTBS]
Arrival Time
QTR834B77WNoi Bai Int'l ()Tue 02:32PM +07Tue 04:12PM +07
THD265A320Hat Yai Int'l ()Tue 02:31PM +07Tue 03:36PM +07
THA215A330Phuket Int'l ()Tue 02:29PM +07Tue 03:34PM +07
THA507A330Jinnah Int'l ()Tue 02:27PM +07Tue 05:21PM PKT
HVN604A321Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Tue 02:24PM +07Tue 03:44PM +07
UAE384A388Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 02:21PM +07Tue 05:26PM HKT
PAL731A330Manila Int'l ()Tue 02:19PM +07Tue 06:39PM +08
VJC804A320Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Tue 02:17PM +07Tue 03:27PM +07
ALK405A333Bandaranaike Int'l ()Tue 02:14PM +07Tue 04:04PM +0530
THA638A330Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 02:07PM +07Tue 05:21PM HKT
BKP267A320Krabi ()Tue 02:04PM +07Tue 03:10PM +07
BKP707A320Yangon Int'l ()Tue 02:02PM +07Tue 02:29PM +0630
JSA516A320Singapore Changi ()Tue 01:59PM +07Tue 05:19PM +08
BKP145A319Samui ()Tue 01:58PM +07Tue 02:40PM +07
THA207A330Phuket Int'l ()Tue 01:56PM +07Tue 02:58PM +07
BKP933A320Phnom Penh Int'l (Pochentong Int'l) ()Tue 01:54PM +07Tue 02:46PM +07
CPA614B77WHong Kong Int'l ()Tue 01:52PM +07Tue 04:48PM HKT
THD253A320Krabi ()Tue 01:51PM +07Tue 03:00PM +07
THA916A359London Heathrow ()Tue 01:48PM +07Tue 06:51PM GMT
CSH840B738Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 01:46PM +07Tue 06:41PM CST
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