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En Route/Scheduled to VHHH Hong Kong Int'l Airport (Hong Kong) [VHHH]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CEB240A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Thu 06:20AM PHTThu 06:22AM PHTThu 08:33AM HKT
CPA694A333Indira Gandhi Int'l ()Thu 01:10AM ISTThu 02:42AM ISTThu 08:41AM HKT
UAL116B737Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Thu 05:30AM ICTThu 05:40AM ICTThu 08:47AM HKT
HDA617A320Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Thu 07:45AM CSTThu 08:07AM CSTThu 08:49AM HKT
CAL933B738Kaohsiung Int'l ()Thu 07:40AM CSTThu 07:49AM CSTThu 09:00AM HKT
AXM237A320Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Thu 06:25AM MYTThu 06:29AM MYTThu 09:04AM HKT
HDA451A333Kaohsiung Int'l ()Thu 08:01AM CSTThu 08:08AM CSTThu 09:10AM HKT
CEB110330Manila Int'l ()Thu 07:25AM PHTThu 07:49AM PHTThu 09:13AM HKT
MDA1819E190Taichung ()Thu 07:35AM CSTThu 07:33AM CSTThu 09:15AM HKT
HDA153A333Bengaluru Int'l ()Thu 01:20AM ISTThu 01:45AM ISTThu 09:15AM HKT
HDA495A320Taichung ()Thu 08:01AM CSTThu 08:09AM CSTThu 09:19AM HKT
JAI76A332Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Thu 01:20AM ISTThu 01:58AM ISTThu 09:22AM HKT
CPA660A333Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Thu 01:05AM ISTThu 01:53AM ISTThu 09:26AM HKT
CSZ9041A320Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Thu 08:30AM CSTThu 08:36AM CSTThu 09:30AM HKT
UAL896777Singapore Changi ()Thu 06:00AM SGTThu 06:12AM SGTThu 09:31AM HKT
CRK285A333Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Thu 08:01AM CSTThu 08:14AM CSTThu 09:33AM HKT
FD2305A320Chiang Mai Int'l ()Thu 06:00AM ICTThu 09:35AM HKT
CPA646A333Rajiv Gandhi Int'l ()Thu 01:20AM ISTThu 02:30AM ISTThu 09:36AM HKT
AFL212B77WSheremetyevo Int'l ()Wed 07:27PM MSKWed 07:26PM MSKThu 09:36AM HKT
CPA407B772Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Thu 08:05AM CSTThu 08:16AM CSTThu 09:41AM HKT
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