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En Route/Scheduled to VHHH Hong Kong Int'l Airport (Hong Kong) [VHHH]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AIQ515A320Chiang Mai Int'l ()Wed 06:05AM +07Wed 09:10AM HKT
AIQ524A320Phuket Int'l ()Wed 03:35PM +07Wed 07:59PM HKT
ABW439B742Noi Bai Int'l ()Thu 06:30PM +07Thu 09:30PM HKT
PAL312A321Manila Int'l ()Thu 09:20PM +08Thu 09:02PM +08Thu 10:56PM HKT
HDA457A333Kaohsiung Int'l ()Thu 09:25PM CSTThu 09:38PM CSTThu 10:59PM HKT
HDA671A320Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Thu 08:50PM CSTThu 09:53PM CSTThu 11:01PM HKT
HDA483A321Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Thu 09:15PM CSTThu 09:04PM CSTThu 11:01PM HKT
ASV531A321Incheon Int'l ()Thu 08:10PM KSTThu 08:20PM KSTThu 11:05PM HKT
HDA903A333Beijing Capital Int'l ()Thu 07:30PM CSTThu 07:59PM CSTThu 11:12PM HKT
HDA799A321Wenzhou Int'l ()Thu 07:45PM CSTThu 09:41PM CSTThu 11:12PM HKT
HDA789A320Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Thu 10:20PM CSTThu 10:26PM CSTThu 11:13PM HKT
CPA764B77WTan Son Nhat Int'l ()Thu 07:45PM +07Thu 08:22PM +07Thu 11:14PM HKT
HDA361A333Ngurah Rai/Bali Intl ()Thu 06:45PM WITAThu 06:59PM WITAThu 11:19PM HKT
SIA868B772Singapore Changi ()Thu 07:55PM +08Thu 08:03PM +08Thu 11:23PM HKT
HKE754A321Chiang Mai Int'l ()Thu 08:00PM +07Thu 11:35PM HKT
CES725A321Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Thu 09:10PM CSTThu 09:25PM CSTThu 11:35PM HKT
EVA827A321Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Thu 09:50PM CSTThu 10:04PM CSTThu 11:36PM HKT
CRK6653A320Naha ()Thu 09:30PM JSTThu 09:42PM JSTThu 11:36PM HKT
CPA636A359Singapore Changi ()Thu 08:15PM +08Thu 08:31PM +08Thu 11:47PM HKT
HDA809A321Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Thu 08:55PM CSTThu 09:18PM CSTThu 11:48PM HKT
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