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Scheduled Departures: Shahjalal International Airport Airport (Dhaka) [VGHS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
BIH153DH8D ()Sat 12:10PM +06Sat 06:51AM UTC
AEH741Cox's Bazar ()Sat 12:30PM +06Sat 01:20PM +06
BIH171DH8DBarisal ()Sat 12:45PM +06Sat 01:10PM +06
BBC601B738Osmani Int'l ()Sat 12:45PM +06Sat 01:18PM +06
MXD163B738Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sat 12:55PM +06Sat 07:15PM +08
BIH131DH8DOsmani Int'l ()Sat 01:00PM +06Sat 01:33PM +06
ALK190A321Bandaranaike Int'l ()Sat 01:00PM +06Sat 05:00PM +0530
VQ909AT72Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Sat 01:00PM +06Sat 01:41PM +06
VQ723AT72Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Int'l ()Sat 01:25PM +06Sat 01:50PM IST
THA322A330Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sat 01:40PM +06Sat 05:00PM +07
AEH784737Singapore Changi ()Sat 01:45PM +06Sat 07:50PM +08
AEH1741737Cox's Bazar ()Sat 01:50PM +06Sat 02:40PM +06
FDB586B738Dubai Int'l ()Sat 02:10PM +06Sat 06:01PM +04
VQ935AT72Cox's Bazar ()Sat 02:30PM +06Sat 03:20PM +06
CES2036B738Kunming Changshui Int'l ()Sat 02:35PM +06Sat 07:00PM CST
BIH161DH8D ()Sat 02:40PM +06Sat 09:13AM UTC
BIH143B738Cox's Bazar ()Sat 02:45PM +06Sat 03:35PM +06
BIH105DH8DShah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Sat 03:00PM +06Sat 03:41PM +06
VQ911AT72Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Sat 03:00PM +06Sat 03:41PM +06
AEH795Tribhuvan Int'l ()Sat 03:00PM +06Sat 04:05PM +0545
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