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En Route/Scheduled to VGHS Shahjalal International Airport Airport (Dhaka) [VGHS]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
BBC606B738Osmani Int'l ()Wed 05:55AM +06Wed 06:32AM +06
DRK300AT43Paro ()Wed 07:25AM +06Wed 08:35AM +06
RGE724Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 08:00AM +06Wed 08:37AM +06
VQ902AT72Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 08:35AM +06Wed 09:16AM +06
UBG102DH8DShah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 08:40AM +06Wed 09:21AM +06
BBC92B738Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Int'l ()Wed 08:05AM ISTWed 09:25AM +06
BBC412DH8BShah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 09:05AM +06Wed 09:27AM +06Wed 10:03AM +06
RGE712Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 09:45AM +06Wed 10:22AM +06
BBC22B773Seeb Int'l ()Wed 02:45AM +04Wed 04:38AM +04Wed 10:33AM +06
VQ934AT72Cox's Bazar ()Wed 09:45AM +06Wed 10:35AM +06
UBG152DH8D ()Wed 03:55AM UTCWed 10:36AM +06
VQ942AT72Jessore ()Wed 10:10AM +06Wed 10:43AM +06
FDB583B738Dubai Int'l ()Wed 03:55AM +04Wed 04:15AM +04Wed 10:45AM +06
UBG322B738Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 10:10AM +06Wed 10:51AM +06
SIA448A333Singapore Changi ()Wed 09:10AM +08Wed 09:18AM +08Wed 11:03AM +06
JAI276B739Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Wed 07:55AM ISTWed 08:05AM ISTWed 11:08AM +06
CRK9071A332Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 09:25AM HKTWed 11:20AM +06
VQ962AT72 ()Wed 04:30AM UTCWed 11:20AM +06
RGE768DH8B ()Wed 04:30AM UTCWed 11:30AM +06
UBG124DH8DJessore ()Wed 11:10AM +06Wed 11:43AM +06
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