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Arrivals: Angkor Int'l Airport (Siem Reap) [VDSR]
CSN3063A320Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Sun 05:40PM CSTSun 06:45PM ICT
BKP907A320Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 06:13PM ICT06:45PM ICT (?)
HVN825A321Da Nang Int'l ()Sun 05:12PM ICTSun 06:12PM ICT
KHV821AT72Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sun 04:20PM ICTSun 05:20PM ICT
HVN813A321Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sun 04:27PM ICTSun 05:11PM ICT
HVN837A321Noi Bai Int'l ()Sun 03:27PM ICTSun 04:46PM ICT
CXA815B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Sun 02:18PM CSTSun 03:51PM ICT
AXM540A320Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sun 02:55PM MYTSun 03:34PM ICT
SLK633B738Singapore Changi ()Sun 02:45PM SGTSun 03:28PM ICT
BKP913AT72Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 02:22PM ICTSun 03:05PM ICT
KHV107AT72Phnom Penh Int'l (Pochentong Int'l) ()Sun 02:02PM ICTSun 02:42PM ICT
HVN931A321Luang Prabang Int'l ()Sun 02:21PM ICT03:37PM ICT (?)
AIQ614A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 01:40PM ICT02:24PM ICT (?)
KHV825AT72Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sun 12:14PM ICTSun 01:15PM ICT
JSA601A320Singapore Changi ()Sun 02:02PM SGT03:00PM ICT (?)
MAS764B738Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sun 12:19PM MYTSun 01:00PM ICT
BKP905AT72Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sun 10:38AM ICTSun 11:28AM ICT
AIQ610A320Don Muang Int'l (Old Bangkok Int'l) ()Sun 10:24AM ICTSun 10:55AM ICT
SLK620B738Singapore Changi ()Sun 08:40AM SGTSun 09:28AM ICT
KHV809AT72Tan Son Nhat Int'l ()Sun 08:25AM ICTSun 09:26AM ICT
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