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Scheduled Departures: Vnukovo Airport (Moscow) [UUWW]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RME478B738Yakutsk ()Mon 06:00PM MSKTue 07:20AM ChST
ORB5802B738Simferopol Int'l ()Mon 06:05PM MSKMon 08:25PM EEST
UTA281AT72Chertovitskoye ()Mon 06:10PM MSKMon 08:24PM SAMT
MSI316AN24Zaporizhia Int'l ()Mon 07:00PM MSKMon 09:05PM EEST
UTA491B735Rostov ()Mon 07:30PM MSKMon 10:23PM SAMT
UTA361B735Magnitogorsk ()Mon 07:40PM MSKTue 12:40AM IOT
UTA125AT72Kirov ()Mon 07:40PM MSKMon 09:40PM MSK
TSO311B738Ben Gurion Int'l ()Mon 07:45PM MSKMon 11:40PM IDT
UTA559B735Uytash ()Mon 07:45PM MSKMon 11:10PM SAMT
UTA805B762Tashkent ()Mon 08:00PM MSKTue 01:40AM UZT
UTA351B735Khanty-Mansiysk ()Mon 08:15PM MSKTue 02:00AM IOT
UTA453B738Roschino ()Mon 08:30PM MSKTue 01:00AM YEKT
UTA173AT72 ()Mon 08:30PM MSKMon 06:40PM UTC
UTA193AT72 ()Mon 08:30PM MSKMon 06:50PM UTC
THY416330Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 08:30PM MSKMon 11:30PM EEST
UTA535B738Pashkovsky ()Mon 08:35PM MSKMon 11:35PM SAMT
UTA183B735Ulyanovsk Baratayeveka Airport ()Mon 08:40PM MSKMon 10:00PM MSK
UTA379B735Syktyvkar ()Mon 08:40PM MSKMon 11:25PM SAMT
UTA393B735Khrabrovo ()Mon 08:45PM MSKMon 09:35PM EET
UTA187AT72Begishevo ()Mon 08:45PM MSKMon 11:55PM SAMT
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