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En Route/Scheduled to UUWW Vnukovo Airport (Moscow) [UUWW]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
UTA362B735Magnitogorsk ()Thu 07:00AM +06Thu 07:17AM MSK
UTA578B738Murmansk ()Thu 05:30AM MSKThu 07:29AM MSK
UTA580B738Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Thu 06:00AM MSKThu 07:55AM MSK
UTA574B738Mineralnye Vody ()Thu 06:00AM MSKThu 07:56AM MSK
UTA248B738Surgut ()Thu 07:00AM +05Thu 08:16AM MSK
UTA444B735Roschino ()Thu 07:55AM +05Thu 09:20AM MSK
RME473B738Yakutsk ()Thu 07:40AM ChSTThu 09:48AM MSK
TGZ930737Tbilisi Int'l ()Thu 09:00AM +04Thu 09:05AM +04Thu 10:12AM MSK
SDM6013B738Pulkovo ()Thu 09:15AM MSKThu 09:20AM MSKThu 10:25AM MSK
IRM84310Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Thu 08:15AM +0430Thu 10:26AM MSK
UTA286B735Surgut ()Thu 09:00AM +05Thu 10:30AM MSK
THY413A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Thu 07:50AM +03Thu 08:11AM +03Thu 10:33AM MSK
UTA360B735Pulkovo ()Thu 10:20AM MSKThu 11:30AM MSK
SDM6017A319Pulkovo ()Thu 11:15AM MSKThu 12:30PM MSK
SDM6065A319Mineralnye Vody ()Thu 10:40AM MSKThu 12:45PM MSK
SDM6488B773Khabarovsk Novy ()Thu 12:00PM +10Thu 12:06PM +10Thu 12:51PM MSK
UTA568B735Kazan ()Thu 11:45AM MSKThu 01:10PM MSK
ANK700A319Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Thu 09:30AM EESTThu 01:10PM MSK
FDB911B738Dubai Int'l ()Thu 09:10AM +04Thu 09:23AM +04Thu 01:17PM MSK
SDM6482B772Vladivostok Int'l ()Thu 12:00PM +10Thu 12:08PM +10Thu 01:33PM MSK
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