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Arrivals: Vnukovo Airport (Moscow) [UUWW]
TGZ930737Tbilisi Int'l ()Fri 09:10AM GETFri 10:21AM MSK
TSO2344B738Bratsk ()Fri 12:10PM PWTFri 10:08AM MSK
UTA560B735Uytash ()Fri 08:52AM SAMTFri 10:00AM MSK
UTA492B735Rostov ()Fri 09:28AM SAMTFri 09:57AM MSK
UTA458B735Vityazevo ()Fri 09:19AM SAMTFri 09:52AM MSK
TSO146B738Kurumoch ()Fri 08:57AM SAMTFri 09:32AM MSK
UTA184B735Ulyanovsk Baratayeveka Airport ()Fri 07:57AM MSKFri 09:29AM MSK
WZZ2489A320Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Fri 06:15AM CESTFri 09:23AM MSK
TSO158B738Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo ()Fri 08:40AM KRATFri 09:20AM MSK
SDM6127A319Pulkovo ()Fri 09:18AM MSK10:48AM MSK (?)
TSO110B737Koltsovo Int'l ()Fri 09:45AM IOTFri 09:15AM MSK
UTA394B735Khrabrovo ()Fri 06:28AM EETFri 09:09AM MSK
UTA536B738Pashkovsky ()Fri 08:25AM SAMTFri 09:06AM MSK
UTA804B762Dushanbe ()Fri 06:42AM TJTFri 09:03AM MSK
UTA380B735Syktyvkar ()Fri 09:15AM SAMTFri 08:56AM MSK
UTA578B735Murmansk ()Fri 08:31AM SAMTFri 08:49AM MSK
UTA580B738Adler-Sochi Int'l ()Fri 07:59AM SAMTFri 08:45AM MSK
UTA438B735Kurumoch ()Fri 08:09AM SAMTFri 08:42AM MSK
TSO206A321Almaty ()Fri 06:58AM ALMTFri 08:34AM MSK
TSO108B763Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Fri 07:43AM NOVTFri 08:27AM MSK
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